How to give your home a more spacious feel

The way you arrange the furniture in your home and some of the more subtle things you do can really make a difference to how spacious your home looks. You can spend a lot of money buying some of the highest quality furniture but if you don’t place it right it can make your home look smaller than it is.

By following a few simple steps you can actually make your home look a lot larger than it is.

Here a few tips to make sure that you maximize the space in your home.

Use furniture that can store things away

Storage is always useful. It’s definitely important to have if you want to make your home look bigger because you can put some of the things that clutter up your home inside the storage furniture. You can buy couches and beds that store away items that don’t need to be on show.

Create unexpected arrangements

Sometimes furniture is so often placed somewhere that is really obvious. You have a couch directly in front of the TV for example. Change things up, maybe have the TV in a less obvious place, maybe place two arm chairs in front of the TV to be a bit different.

Another idea is to create areas of rooms that are useful. For example, create a reading area, a TV watching area or an eating area. This gives your room more space and depth.

Remove clutter

It seems obvious but if you want a room to look bigger, make more space. Are there coffee tables you hardly ever use that you could fold away until you need them? Do you have standing lights that could be wall lights? Do you have more chairs than you need? Try to remove as much clutter as you can.

There is a line you need to draw though. If you remove too much your room could end up looking too sparse and that can actually make it look smaller than it is. You will need to judge yourself how clutter free you want to go.

Minimalist styles are popular but creating them can be an art form in itself.


If your room is small, one overhead light is likely to do nothing for giving your room a spacious look. Try having different lights in various areas of the room that are subtle. You can have wall lights, spot lights, or lamps. Different lights create different areas in a room, giving it a more spacious feel.

In the day time be sure to make sure that you let lots of natural light in. The more natural light you have the more spacious your room will feel.

Wall color

Lighter walls will make your home look more spacious. The darker your walls are the more imposing they are and the more claustrophobic it will be.

Be sensible with the size of your furniture

Make sure that you don’t buy furniture that is too big for your room. Small furniture will obviously give you more space and won’t look so imposing in your room.

Hopefully you will have found these tips useful and they will enable you to create more space in your home. Some of these principles are used by serviced apartment providers to give a good feel to their apartments. You can take inspiration from some of these, for example Clarendon have a good selection of well designed apartments.

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