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  • Don’t email me asking if you can have a guest post article on my blog because the answer is YES, just send your article using Microsoft Word at
  • Minimum of 1000 words article excluding the author bio.
  • I will check the quality of your article so it must be unique, properly written,  informative and makes sense.
  • Your article must not be published elsewhere in the internet.
  • Must include related photos and images, the higher image quality the better.
  • Supporting links from authoritative sites on your article is optional, although it works better for me.
  • Personal or business link must be on your author byline only.
  • Following the simple rules and guidelines above will make the article request published. So don’t just email hastily, make reading a habit.  🙂
  • There are many emails ignored because they don’t follow these guidelines.

I have also a paid guest posting option for priority/instant publication and no minimum words requirement, you can also place the link/s anywhere in the article body. You will also get a do-follow link/s which can be a great help on your SEO campaigns. If you are interested please contact me at the email provided above.


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