10 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen is the place where we cook yummy dish, it also the place where stain produced. We cook every day in the kitchen; stain also produced every time when we cook. Cleaning tips are necessary skill for every mum and dad. It can save you much time and energy.

10 Tips to Make Your Kitchen Cleaner

1. Bleaching powder and water is the expert to remove the stain on the woodware in the kitchen. Coat it on the stain and clean after 24 hours. When the oil stain is less, you can clean with water and vinegar.

2. The bone of inkfish can remove the stain on the aluminum utensils.

3. The best way to remove the old fouling on the enameled ware is to wipe with toothpaste.

4. We often find rust on the chopping knife. It is not easy to get rid of. I find this way is useful: scrub with potato slice or radish slice and fine sand.

5. For the greasy stain on the gas stove, the most effective way is to wipe directly after you cook with detergent, the heat left by cooking can melt the greasy stain which reduce the difficulty to remove the stain. The hot water after cooking noodle can also remove the stain on the stove.

6. Spray some vinegar on the mop before clean the floor in the kitchen, the oil stain will be easily removed.

7. Wipe refrigerator with vinegar and cleanser essence – this method not only can remove stain, but also can stop the produce of bacteria.

8. The most used method to clean exhaust fan in the kitchen is alkaline water and detergent. Although the oil stain can be removed, you will find your hand is full of stain. It is difficult to clean. Here is a quick and convenient way to clean exhaust fan: apply soap on your hand, including fingernail; dry the water on your hand; dismantle the exhaust fan; cover the saw powder with cotton yarn and wipe the exhaust fan or wipe directly with saw powder until the stain is removed; wash the residual saw powder on the exhaust fan; dry it and assemble again.

9. Except the place mentioned above, window gauze is also a place that easy to be stained. Paste batter on the two sides of the window gauze; wait 10 minutes and wash the batter with water; the oil stain will be removed. You also can use alkaline water to wipe the window gauze. You can apply the two methods repeatedly until the stain is been removed.

10. Electroplating faucet will turn black and lose the luster after use for a long period, both soap or detergent cannot recover its bright look. You can rub the faucet with flour and dry rag repeatedly and wipe with wet rag, then wipe with dry rag. The faucet will become as bright as new. For the water stain on the faucet, fresh lemon can remove it totally. Fresh orange peel also can get rid of the water stain on the faucet. Remember to rub the stain with the outer side of the orange peel. Find more home improvement articles for kitchen here.

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