11 Pendant Light Ideas to Brighten Up Your Dining Space

Dinner is often touted as the most important meal of the day—you come home after a long day at work, prepare a tasty meal, and enjoy it in your dining room.

But the atmosphere can be just as important as the meal itself!

This is where a dining table pendant light can be the perfect addition to your dining room. Pendant lights are chic and can completely alter the vibe of a room.

If you’re interested in adding a pendant light to your dining room, check out our list below of the 11 best dining table pendant lights!

1. Bowl Pendant Light

Bowl pendant lights give off warm, inviting glows. Their inverted nature helps them create more ambient lighting, so they’re perfect for cozy settings.

There’s also a lot of choices when it comes to bowl pendant lights—an unusual color scheme or design preference won’t be an issue with this light!

2. Rustic Exposed Bulb Pendant Light

Exposed bulbs have risen to popularity, largely due to their use in minimalist spaces.

Exposed bulbs are a super simple type of pendant lighting. All you need is the hanging fixture and the bulb, and you are good to go!

These work nicely in minimalistic homes or industrial spaces. If you’re decorating a loft, exposed bulb lighting is perfect because it doesn’t bleed into other designated spaces.

Bulb pendant lights also work nicely when two or three are staggered at different heights. For vintage Edison bulbs, shop here and build your own rustic look!

3. Paper Pendant

You’re probably familiar with the tiny paper lanterns that can be strung together and hung outside on patios, but did you know you can apply a similar style inside?

Paper pendants, larger than their string light companions, make for the perfect dining room lighting. They aren’t obnoxiously bright, and they will look stylish but casual in any dining room! Neutral colors like white or gray work best for these.

4. Drum Dining Table Pendant Light

Drum pendant lights are named because of their drum-like appearance. They are a good choice for anyone who’s aiming for a more casual and customizable option.

They are often stretched with fabric, so there’s plenty of color and pattern options to choose from. Frosted glass drum pendants are becoming popular as well, so that is an option if you like the design but want a crisper appearance.

5. Lantern

Metal lanterns add a rustic feeling to any room. Hanging one or two lanterns from a chain is the perfect way to give your dining area a cozy, warm feeling.

Lanterns are traditionally used more outside, but their style and practicality are versatile, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t bring those beauties inside!

6. Swell Pendant Light

A swell pendant light might remind you of an upside down version of a desk lamp. These lights range in sizes, with some widening quite a bit, while others are more narrow and cup-like in shape.

Your choice will depend on how large of a fixture you want and how targeted you want your lighting to be.

7. Linear Pendants

Linear pendants are several light sources attached to one horizontal fixture or canopy. There is a lot of variety when it comes to linear pendants, as they can be anything from tiny lights in bell-shaped shades to bulbs inside glass spheres.

Linear pendants work best went hung over a rectangular dining table, as opposed to a circular one.

8. Shell Chandelier

Shell chandeliers are the perfect dining table pendant light for anyone trying to decorate their beach home or a waterfront property. Of course, they can also work really well in any trendy space because of their modern appearance.

Many shell chandeliers are quite long, so you’ll want to position these a bit higher than other pendant lights. They’re also delicate and can be accidentally bumped more than other pendants, so be mindful of their positioning.

9. Bell Pendant Light

These classic pendant lights are typically available in both metal and glass variations. Both work in modern-styled dining areas, but glass tends to be used for more casual and minimalistic areas, while metal ones are better applied in slightly more upscale dining settings.

As these are down-light pendants, they work best when the decorator wants to apply direct lighting and put emphasis on the dining table..

10. Mini Pendant Lights

These are the perfect pendant lights if you’d prefer a handful of tiny fixtures over a large lighting piece. Mini pendant lights are available in lots of styles, but their purpose is to be used in groups of 2-4.

Mini pendant lights can be used either to create ambient lighting or to act as direct light—it just depends on which type you choose and the mood you’re going for.

11. Geometric Pendant Light

Geometric pendant lights are often a bulb enclosed in a metal “cage”. These cages are really just geometric designs, warped out of a metal material.

This type of dining table pendant light is really popular in art deco spaces. Black geometric pendant lights can upsell the style of a dining area.

Gold or copper geometric shapes are better suited for minimalistic spaces. This makes them a good choice for anyone going for a very contemporary look.

Light Up Your Life

The right dining table pendant light will pull your entire dining room look together, so it’s important that you’re choosing the light that will best suit the rest of your style.

This list will help you get started on your pendant light search! There is a pendant light for every style and every dining room!

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