3 Dental Sedation Options You Should Know

It is vital to visit your dentist for healthy teeth and gums regularly. However, most people find this experience to be scary. If you are stressed or scared to visit your dentist, sedation dentistry can offer relief. There is help at your Pembroke Pines oral sedation center. At 601 Dental Studio PA, Dr. Nadja Horst and his team understand how to calm you for your dental experience.  Read below about what to consider before your appointment and the available options in sedation dentistry. 

What to Consider Before a Sedation Dentistry Appointment

During your consultation, before going for sedation dentistry treatment, your dentist will explain what to expect during treatment. It is vital to let your doctor know what you feel about the treatment. It is okay to feel anxious and fearful, and your dentist will focus on helping you overcome those feelings. Your doctor will inform you about the available sedation options so that you can choose one which will make you most comfortable during treatment. This is also a good time to know if the cost of your treatment will be covered by your insurance provider in part or fully. 

1. Inhalation Sedation

In inhalation sedation, your dentist will use a no-odor breathing mask to help you breathe in nitrous oxide or laughing gas. Your body will get a euphoric feel within two to three minutes. You stay awake during treatment and are aware of your environment, but completely relaxed. Your doctor can control the amount of sedation to ensure your comfort during treatment. You can drive yourself home after treatment. This option is best when:

  • you feel anxious during a dental visit and require some level of sedation
  • you require a quick dental work
  • you experience severe gag reflex
  • you suffer from conditions such as Huntington’s or Alzheimer’s disease

2. Oral Sedation

In oral sedation, your dentist will offer you an anti-anxiety medication before your dental appointment. You will be given a Halcion pill, which can make you experience minor amnesia, tingling sensation or drowsiness. Ensure to have someone drive you to the facility since the above effects make you unable to drive.

This option is suitable if:

  • you have extensive fear of needles
  • you have sensitive gag reflex
  • you have severe dental anxiety
  • you have a fear of the smells and sounds of a dental environment
  • you require multiple treatments in a visit that need a more profound and extended level of sedation

3. IV Sedation

In IV sedation, your doctor delivers general anesthesia through an IV so that you can stay asleep, unaware of sounds, smells and sights around you during dental surgery. Your doctor at 601 Dental Studio PA works with an anesthesiologist, who administers the IV sedation. After treatment, you will have no memory of what transpired during treatment. IV sedation is ideal when you:  

  • Require extensive dentistry
  • Have profound dental anxiety
  • Are anxious and suffer from panic attacks when anticipating an appointment with your dentist
  • Become ill in the waiting room

Do not allow dental fears to deny you the smile you deserve. Consult your dentist to learn more about sedation dentistry. 

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