4 Apps You Probably Haven’t Heard Of That Seriously Help With Buying A House

Buying a house is like giving birth in one notable regard: even if everything goes according to plan, it’s still stressful, painful, and exhausting. There’s no way around it unless you happen to be so obscenely wealthy that you can cut through the red tape, which is highly unlikely. Realistically, all you can do is keep pushing things along and be prepared to wait.

But what should that pushing-things-along effort involve? Determination, of course, but also the smart use of apps. By app, I simply mean any utility that’s been developed to help with one or more relevant tasks, whether through mobile app stores or internet browsers.

We live in a digital world, and time-saving tools abound: whatever you’re looking to achieve in your daily life, there are ways to kick things into high gear. In this post, we’re going to look at some apps that can help the house-buying process — to be more specific, we’ll pick out 4 web-based gems that you may not have heard of. Let’s begin:


Whether you’re looking to buy a long-term family home or start building up a property portfolio, there’s great value in understanding the principles of investment. After all, choosing a house that’s likely to appreciate in value will ultimately help you pay your mortgage, and smooth out the process of moving house should you eventually choose to take that route.

Bigger Pockets provides a broad community for real estate investors. If you’re totally new to the topic, you can access free resources including forum posts, blog updates, real estate podcasts, and investment guides. Once you’ve picked up the basics, you can upgrade your account to access even more resources (particularly useful if you choose to rent out your property).


If you don’t have the cash to buy a house outright, as is probably the case, then you’ll need a mortgage to afford the purchase — but which lender should you use? They might seem equivalent, but appearances can be deceiving, and even a small difference in the rate you’re offered or the terms of your deal can amount to a substantial saving in the long term.

To find the best lender for you, you can look for quotes manually, or you can use a mortgage broker such as Breezeful. You only need to fill out a simple application to receive a useful comparison of various possible lenders — a digital mortgage expert will negotiate on your behalf, and even provide broad assistance if you choose one of the suggested lenders.


There are many real estate apps that make it easier to find or list property for sale, and there’s nothing stopping you from accessing a wide range and pitting them against one another — so why am I pointing to Xome specifically? Well, the answer is the exclusive access it offers to the Xome Auction system.

While it isn’t for everyone, the practice of auctioning property can be great for savvy sellers and patient buyers alike. Set a budget, bide your time, and see what comes up. Sooner or later, you’re likely to find a great opportunity to acquire (or at least invest in) a great property available at a price far lower than you’d ever find through regular property listings.


Everything I said in the first paragraph for Xome also applies here, because Trulia is another service for finding property to buy or rent (though it also offers some useful mortgage-related tools). What sets Trulia apart is the detail it provides through its Trulia Neighborhoods portal.

When you’re looking for a new place to live, you’re not just interested in the quality of the architecture or the consistency of the local climate: you’re also looking for a neighborhood that suits your personal and professional preferences. Trulia collates information for specific areas, offering photos, drone footage, and reviews from real residents. Armed with that insight, you’ll be able to know ahead of time if you really want to live somewhere.

With these 4 apps supporting you, you’ll be able to develop your investment expertise, find the right mortgage lender, pick out great auction deals, and choose the neighborhood that really fits your personality.

As noted at the beginning, buying a house is stressful and difficult, so you need to take every opportunity to make it faster and easier. Even if you’re not fully sold on these apps, why not test them out? You have nothing to lose by trying!

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