4 Brilliant Pest Control Tips to Keep Your Home Bug Free

Have you ever wondered who’s at home when you’re not? Your security system protects your home from human intruders. Those alarms don’t work against another common intruder—bugs and other pests.

You likely have an average of 100 different species setting up housekeeping all over your home.

You don’t like creepy crawlies? Follow our pest control tips and make your home less hospitable to uninvited roommates.

Let the Professionals Help

You may not know exactly which pests are scuttling around your home, but prevention is the best way to avoid them in the first place.  Keep them from coming in by calling a professional pest control company.

An exterminator identifies any pest problems you have right now and can also identify potential pest problems you may have in the future.

Dont Leave the Door Open

Most people use the front door when entering a house. Pests come in through any crack, crevice, or gap they can find. For pests, including bugs and rodents, cracks in the foundation make a great door into your home.

During your routine inspections, look for foundation cracks, but also keep an eye out for missing tiles and gaps in areas where pipes or wires enter your home. Any space big enough for a pencil to fit through is big enough for most pests.

Seal cracks and openings as soon as you find them so that pests get the message that your home is off-limits.

Clean Up the Crumbs

Closing the door on pests is one way you can discourage them from settling in your home. Another is refusing to host dinner parties for them.

Start by cleaning up crumbs and spills after each meal. Ants, cockroaches, and mice feed on the tiniest bits of food and food waste.

Mice chew through cardboard boxes in the pantry. Store opened food in sealed glass or plastic containers.

Avoid fruit fly and ant infestations by keeping fruit in the refrigerator. Also, empty kitchen trash bins frequently so that fruit peels and other food waste doesn’t attract pests.

If you have a pet, store food when Fluffy finishes eating. Pests love pet leftovers.

What About That Wood Pile?

Even people who live in warm climates enjoy an evening sitting around the firepit. Keep uninvited pests away from your home by stacking firewood 15-20 feet away from your home. Make sure you store it at least 5 feet off the ground to prevent moisture buildup.

Woodpiles attract all kinds of pests including termites.

Another pest deterrent is reducing food sources. Lumber, wood, mulch, paper, and cardboard attract termites and other firewood pests. Don’t store these items near your home’s foundation.

What Pest Control Tips Do You Use?

We’ve shared a few of our favorites but these aren’t the only pest control tips people use.

Removing food sources such as food waste, wood scraps, and paper and cardboard products reduce the risk for pest invasions. Sealing cracks and gaps in your home’s foundation also prevent pests from visiting.

One of the best tips is calling in a professional exterminator before pests overtake your home.

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