4 Garage Door Repair DIY Videos You Will Love

Investing in home improvement and maintenance is unavoidable. Things get damaged over the course of years. This includes your garage doors as well.

Why you should care?

repairing garage doors

More often than not, repairing garage doors is never anyone’s priority. If you too are guilty of overlooking your damaged garage door, know that you aren’t the only one. A study was conducted to gauge how many people in America repair their garage doors. The findings of the study are as follows:

  • 82% of those surveyed are not investing their time and energy in maintaining garage doors
  • Only 54% of the people have ever had a professional inspect their garage doors
  • 47% people said that they have never hired a garage door repair professional to repair their doors
  • The rollers and hinges of 27 percent of households have not been lubricated since being installed

These stats are very alarming. This is because there is a pressing need for repairing your garage door the moment you detect something is wrong with it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big issue. Instead, problems always start small and then manifest into something dangerous. It is important for your safety to detect it before this occurs.

Repair it yourself

Repair it yourself

Don’t wish to hire a professional company like All-Pro Door for repairing your garage door? Well, you can also do it all yourself. We will advise you against it unless you have the required skills. However, you are adamant on taking charge, there are various DIY videos that might help you out.

Here are four of the best ones out there.

1. How to Repair a Garage Door Opener by Howcast

Garage door openers are one of the first things that get damaged. Before you start looking for companies to fix this issue for you, you should make sure that the problem isn’t simple enough to be done by you. This video, produced by Howcast, lists down stepwise what you should do to repair the garage door opener.

You might think that some of the steps mentioned are too obvious. However, when you are entering new territory, it is easy to overlook the basic reasons. This video is excellent for beginners who are generally clueless around electric gadgets. For those of you who are used to it all, yes, this video will be too simple for you.

2. Garage Door Springs How To Video Save Hundreds Of Dollars Replacing Garage Door Springs – 2018 by Kyle Hogge

There is a reason why this video currently has over a million views. When it comes to delivering content which is easy to understand and follow through, this video surely gets it right. Repairing garage doors is not easy, it is very easy to make mistakes. However, if you follow this video to the tee, you won’t be faced with any major issues along the way.

A lot of people commented how this video is informative and helpful. This is evident from the outpouring positive comments present underneath the DIY video. If you are able to follow this video, you will end up saving a lot of money, otherwise spent on hiring professionals.

3. How to Install a Garage Door by This Old House

Sometimes your garage door is too old and damaged to be fixable by repairs. At such a time, you might need to install a new garage door altogether. Generally, you would think that this is bound to require professional help. This is true to some extent. However, this video provides you with a way to do it on your own.

In this video, Tom Silva, a general contractor, simplifies the process of installing the garage door. However, here he only talks about installing a single door. So, if you have a double-door garage, this may not be as helpful to you.

4. Garage door doesn’t close: Safety Beam Issue? By All Pro Door Repair

Sometimes, even though there is nothing visibly wrong with the garage door opener, the door refuses to close. All Pro Door Repair tackle this issue in their video. This DIY video highlights the different safety beam issues that arise. It also lists down ways to fix the problem.

While some might find the video to be a tad too short, it serves the purpose of a quick installation. It focuses on the broad spectrum of things and helps you solve the issue.


If you ask us, we would tell you that it is best to hire professional help if you feel clueless about it all. But, for small issues, there is no harm in doing it yourself. If you do end up choosing a professional company to do it for you, make sure you select wisely. Look for experience, warranties, and positive reviews.

Repair your garage door when the need arises. Don’t delay it.

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