4 Technological Renovation Ideas To Upgrade Your Home And Do Your Bit For The Environment

Are you planning to renovate your house soon? What do you have in mind? Changing the floors and painting the walls will not do any justice to your desire of upgrading your lifestyle; the path is to accept the latest technology with open arms and run with it.


Automation is the first step towards a better lifestyle, and where’s the best place to test it? Yes, your house! If your renovation idea is to rip apart the place and build something incredible on the same ground, then this article will help you find the best home installations which will guide you and your family into the future.

Being smart is not just about finding the right vendors and getting the renovation taken care of within the budget; rather, it is an approach that will be good for your house as well as the society. You need to invest in systems which can simultaneously upgrade your home and do good for the environment because it is your duty to do your bit for the society. Pollution, resource extinction and ecosystem degradation is rising at a severe level, and if people like you don’t think about it, then who will?

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Read ahead to check out the home installations which have dual benefits, i.e. the smart way of renovating your house, summarised by Associate Garage Doors’ experts:

1. Automation

As already mentioned above, automation is the upcoming revolution in every industry. Although the corporate world accepted it many years ago in their manufacturing and packaging department, now the housing industry can do wonders with it. It is a self-explanatory term, right? In simple words, it encourages less manual efforts and more machine-learning efforts, i.e. installing appliances in the house which can learn your behaviour and habits, and accordingly, modify itself to ensure utmost satisfaction. This specific definition is also known as artificial intelligence, which is a daughter-technology upgrade of automation. The idea is to reduce your efforts towards different appliances in your house, i.e. getting up to switch on the lights and fans, manually locking the main door of the house, getting out of your car to open the garage door or standing beside the kitchen top until the food gets heated. Some of the solutions are typical, like using a microwave to heat the food, as you only have to set a timer on it, using a universal remote control to control the lights, fans and sound systems, using an automatic garage door which can be controlled with a simple remote or upgrading your security systems to lock the doors with your mobile phone.

Using fuel to heat the food may take longer, while the waves do it much faster. Similarly, you may feel too lazy to get up and switch off the lights and fans, which will result in unnecessary consumption of electricity. Automation can reduce your waste generation significantly, which will decrease your carbon footprint and keep your surroundings clean.

2. Modern thermostats

Every house is installed with a thermostat to control the temperature of the house. You may be wondering about how to upgrade your automatic thermostat, right? Well, there is an answer which will blow your mind off. Modern thermostats are integrated with sensors which can keep a balance of temperature in the house, i.e. it will keep the temperature pleasant at all times. The additional usage of the thermostat in the rooms which are not occupied and a fixed temperature setting lead to high electricity bills and unpleasant experience. The modern versions can keep a check on your bills and also make sure that you feel pleasant in your house at all times. The sensors allow it to control the heat and cold inside the house, as per the outdoor temperature and your personal preference.

It is not just about the temperature or high electricity bills, but if your consumption of electricity is reduced, then the harsh effects on the environment will also decrease. Hurray, a win-win for both!

motion sensors

3. Motion sensors

Motion sensors are in the market for ages now, but nowadays, it is not just used in security systems. One of their uses is mentioned in the above point, while the other one is to install it in every room of the house and integrate it with your lights and fans as well. Similar to the previous point, the sensors will keep track of people inside a room and accordingly switch on/off the lights and fans. It will have an incredibly positive effect on your electricity bills because procrastinating to switch off the lights of your room or the attic affects the bills adversely.

Low consumption of electricity equals a clean and much more efficient environment!

4. Up-to-date security systems

Gone are the days of obsolete smoke alarms and burglar alarms, which can only sense the consequence and alert the authorities after most of the damage is already done. Now is the time for security systems which have a much quicker response time. Research and experimentation are done on a daily basis in the technology world, and innovators have come up with smart security solutions, which can help keep your mind at peace. These systems can be controlled wirelessly and have a split-second response time. Yes, you can use your mobile phone to lock your doors, monitor the security cameras and alert the respective authorities. The notification system alerts you whenever there is a breach or fire or anything worth noticing inside your house. You don’t have to be physically present to control anything! It can keep you and your loved ones much safer than any security guard or any of those obsolete systems.

wireless control

Wireless control allows you to spend less on the setup costs which not only occupied a lot of space in your house, but also encouraged the companies to use resources to manufacture them, and efficient fire alarms will help keep your surroundings safe from violent fire outbreaks. An unbelievable amount of resources can be saved with such installations, and let’s not forget the fact that it will keep you secure.

The renovation ideas mentioned above will not only make your home modern and beautiful but will also help you do your positive bit for the Mother Nature.

A smart home will keep the environment clean and safe smartly!

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