5 Common Electrical Problems You May Face

We all have our living space where we can sit, enjoy, relax, and work. That living space is known as home. There are some problems which we face on a daily basis. Some incidents can arise because of electricity. Our lives mostly revolve around electrical goods such as television, air conditioners, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, fans, toasters, irons, and fridges, among others.

We, humans, are mostly dependent upon these machines — none of our work is possible without them.

Most of the electrical goods purchased are costly. Moreover, if there is any problem in the wiring, it can result in damaging the appliances.

It is a nightmare if any kind of electrical mishap occurs at home. It can damage not only the appliances, but the house might catch fire, and in severe cases, it can result in a life-threatening situation if not managed properly. According to electrical data, fires were the second main reason for U.S home fires in the years (2012-2016). Fires that are caused by electric equipment or wire malfunction result in 18 percent deaths, and 20 percent directly damaged property.

There are five common electrical problems that occur in most households:

  1. Problems related to lights and bulb.
  2. High electricity bill.
  3. Electric shocks.
  4. Circuit breaker tripping.
  5. No GFCI.

1. Problems related to lights and bulbs:

We all have seen scenes of dimming lights and bulb burnouts during horror or psychological thriller movies indicating that something terrible is going to happen. 

Interestingly it can happen anywhere and at anyone’s home or place of work as there are two common problems behind this. 

Bulb burnout:

Are you tired of buying bulbs because it seems that they are not of good quality and don’t last very long? There are many problems associated with such bulbs. If you are tired of changing them more often than normal, then you must check for other signs as well.

This is mainly due to high voltage, improper circulation of electricity, and too tight or loose holder. Therefore it is imperative to check all these signs.

How to solve it:

Check the holder if it is fixed or loose. In case you have a depleted holder, you need to change it. But if these things do not work, you must check with some qualified electricians such as Sydney electrician.

Dimming of lights:

Other issues that can arise with lights are dimming, and their on/off switch might stop working. The actual cause of it is a loose connection of wires or overburdened switches.

In severe cases, it can cause sparking and fire that is dangerous.

How to solve it:

Talk to an electrician and fix the switch and wiring so you won’t have to face any consequence later.

2. High electricity bill:

Another common problem faced by many of us is getting a high electric bill that is not as per our consumption. It is disturbing for many of us to receive a large amount of electricity bill, which is higher than what we had in mind. 

There are few causes of receiving a high bill, like old appliances that are using more electricity, old wiring, and a circuit that is damaged and leakage in the electric system. Another common reason could be that you forget to turn off the appliances or switches after using it.

How to solve it:

A good way is to check whether you have properly turned off the lights and appliances after usage. You can also check how many watts you are consuming each month. If these things are not working, you can always take help from an expert about a particular electronic device that you doubt might be causing this issue.

3. Electrical shocks : 

Many of us have faced this situation that when we plug in some electronic devices, we feel a slight electric shock. This shows that there is some underlying problem either with the electrical appliance that we are trying to operate or with its wiring. These shocks are not very big. So they will not cause you any major harm. 

How to solve:

If you want to locate the problem, you should plug in another device and check if you are receiving the same result. This indicates that the problem is with the wiring if the other device is working fine. This means that the electric device which was previously connected has some trouble, and you must call its expert to repair it.

4. Circuit breaker tripping:

In many households, another common problem faced by many is the tripping of a breaker. The name circuit breaking entails that it will break the circuit if it senses some issues related to power.

If your circuit breaker keeps on tripping chances are that it has detected some underlying problems. 

How to solve:

Go to the main electric panel as it has all the switches. Once you open it up you can see old switches (which are not in use and are off) and new ones (currently using and some of them are in use), you need to flip them over with each other. If you have any confusion, call an electrician.

5. No Ground fault circuit interrupters:

Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) is a device widely used to prevent electrocution. How does it work? The device has a tendency to detect human contact with the electric system, and it immediately shuts it down. This device is good for everyone, especially with children and offices. GFCI runs on electricity.


Everyone should install GFCI at home or offices to avoid any risks associated with electricity. You can’t be with your children all the time, so this device is your savior.


We are living in this era where it’s difficult to survive without electricity. Electric appliances save time and energy. It makes it possible to do everything in minutes. But it can be hazardous if not used properly.

We have to see if our wiring is pierced from any end or whether we are overloading our switches with heavy electronic equipment and similar issues. These small things should not be overlooked to avoid any dangers.

If any kind of electrical emergency occurs, we must call the experts and firefighters. Home fires result in loss of human lives and damaging property, so we have to be very careful. We should install GFCI’s in our homes so we can minimize risks associated with electricity.

Most electric fires are caused by old depleted wiring, so replace old wirings with new ones.

According to the American fire administration department, there are an estimated 24 thousand electric fires each year mostly in the cold season because of using heaters, etc.

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