5 Good Reasons to Buy a Vinyl Fence

11Buying a vinyl fence is like buying any other product, you need to be sure you’re getting the right product for the right situation, at the right price. It isn’t always as simple as we might hope, which is why we’re discussing the top 5 reasons to buy a vinyl fence over a wooden one.

Fit For Purpose

Vinyl fencing products are waterproof, long-lasting, flexible and can be UV proof too. The modern vinyl composite we use today is miles away from the old type of materials used back in the 1980s. Now they look modern, clean and eminently fit for purpose. They are weatherproof, strong and designed to survive the rigors of modern life.

Low Maintenance

One of the major benefits of vinyl fencing is that it doesn’t need painting or much maintenance at all. It’s now possible to enjoy a pristine fence without spending weekends stripping, sanding and painting to keep it looking good. With a vinyl fence, you just need to keep it clean and inspect it once in a while for damage, that’s it!


The composite material used in modern fencing is designed to last. That’s why many manufacturers are confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty with some products. If you have it installed by professionals, i.e. us, there is no reason why your fencing wouldn’t be looking as good in 20 years’ time as it would on day one.

Family and Pet Friendly

Even the biggest dog with the strongest jaw would have trouble taking a bite out of our vinyl fences. Children bounce off them, there are no splinters to be had and they won’t snap if your kids try to climb them. Add to that the fact you don’t have to use creosote or other chemical preservative on them and you have a very pet and family friendly fencing solution.


As mentioned, many vinyl fence manufacturers like Bufftech offer lifetime warranties on many of their products. This shows a confidence in the longevity and reliability of their fences. If by some chance something does go wrong, the warranty is in place to help.

Vinyl fencing is gradually finding it’s way into hundreds of thousands of homes across the country. The benefits far outweigh the costs and this modern, low maintenance material is proving its worth to busy families who don’t always have time to spend their weekends working in the garden.

As long as you choose a quality product, have it installed by experts and look after it, there is no reason why a vinyl fence couldn’t provide a lifetime of service and look great doing it!

Guest blog post by Colin Regan. Colin installs and sells deck and fence related products like vinyl fence and deck lights, visit him at http://deckandfencestore.com for more information.

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