5 Key Elements Of Interior Design To Make Your Home Fabulous!

What’s the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the word ‘interior design’? Perhaps, creativity and décor! While the former, interior, refers to designing the existing space, the later one, design, is all about decorating the space by adding furniture and other elements.

Technically, interior designing is backed by science has its own principles and elements, but yet it’s not as simple as one imagines! Lines, forms, light, color, texture, patterns are some of the factors that interior designer use to create a visually appealing interior.

In addition to using them to enhance the room’s appearance, these elements is combined to bring harmony to space along with the increased functionality.

If you want to know what goes into interior designing a space, here are 5 key elements to help you:


Interior designing is all about balance to bring in the sense of equilibrium. It’s all about balancing the visual weights of the object, not just through shape, but from the pattern, color and from texture as well. Balance is of three types:

  • Symmetrical Or Formal: If you are re-designing for a traditional or formal space, symmetrical or formal balance is what you need. For instance, two chairs to both sides of the coffee table can be called as symmetrical placement. This type of balance is easy to achieve as you only have to repeat a design. Just make sure to place things carefully as the repetition can make things boring and monotonous.
  • Informal Or Asymmetrical: Lines, forms and texture help in creating balance and is also referred to as informal or asymmetrical balance.  This design can bring a more complex and interesting appeal to space.
  • Radial Balance: This balance is achieved when there’s a focal point in the room with other key elements enhancing the look. For instance a round table with chairs around it. This pattern also has a lot of repetition with color, texture, and pattern.


In combination with colors, patterns are used with texture to enhance the appeal of the room. You can create it by simply repeating the same design or can use elements like wallpaper, fabrics, rugs like Beni ourain rug, soft furnishing and more.

Whether you want to add stripes or you are looking to bring geometrical shapes in the room, simply consider the size and style of the room to create a sleek look. Patterns like vertical and horizontal lines help in highlighting the space. However, complex patterns made from colors and lines bring vibrancy to space.


The design is all about rhythm with one element connected to another one to create visual interest. You can bring rhythm to your space by using the same color or shape. Rhythm in the room lets you see everything with ease.

For instance, choosing a special color in the pillows, contrasting it with wall décor and echoing it with small elements will carry your eye around the complete room.


Man-made or natural, light is another important element that can elevate any space with ease. Without proper light, other elements of the house will not glam to their full potential and will give the room a dull look.

When deciding upon the light, keep in mind the quantity and quality of the light. For instance, lights in the workstations should be bright. However, the light in the living room should be soft and subtle. Also,  soft and dimmer light has the ability to make space look versatile and clean.

Apart from its functionality, light also has the ability to set a mood and atmosphere — the right light help in defining color, line, and texture of the space.


Colors have the power to create an aesthetic connection between different elements. Besides, they help in elevating mood and create a perception of how large and small space would look. Further, color evokes a lot of memories, stir emotions, and can create an illusion of making the space look bigger.

Before considering color for the room, think of the activities that will occur in the space. Also, consider how the natural and artificial light is going to affect your room. Then consider the size of the room, as the darker colors will bring a dimension to space with lighter ones giving the illusion of bigger rooms.

So, get with these principles and transform your dull space into the fabulous one!

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