5 Must-Haves in Your Bedroom

A bedroom is by far your most private space in the house. Reason why it needs to be a personal sanctuary of calm and relaxation.  Big or small, these are a couple of must-haves to make your room easy-breezy and all yours.

1.) Natural bed sheets

Bedding is one of the most integral parts of your sleep. Considering one spends 1/3rd of their lives sleeping, soft comfortable bed sheets are at the crux of how you sleep. “Amouve’s sheets feel soft and cool, I don’t know why, but they do” says lifestyle blogger Rukmini of Trumatter. It is important that you opt for organic, natural sheets that are free of chemicals. Also consider that your duvets, quilts or comforters are organic too. Organic cotton works best for all weathers.

Amouve white sheets

2.) Warm Lighting

Dim bedside lamps when you want to curl up with a book or catch the perfect rom-com with your partner are necessary. Combine it with warm fuzzy lighting that sets the right mood to relax.

3.) Plants and succulents

Green is the way to bring in freshness to your room. Houseplants are the perfect addition to purify the air and make your sleep even more restful. Go for lavender, snake plant, jasmine or English Ivy. These are some of the top houseplants recommended.

4.) A relaxing scent

Scents made from essential oils are a great addition to your bedroom. Scents not only create quite a scintillating environment but help you unwind by breathing in some therapeutic and calming air. You can even choose to make a DIY bedroom spray. Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile and Cedar are some of the top relaxing oils.

5.) Green Tea

Having green tea right before bed is beneficial in more ways than one. Green Tea has a lot of bioactive compounds that works wonders for your body. Also, Catechins in green tea can help prevent the build-up of bacteria in your mouth. So always keep a boiler, some water and green tea handy at your side table.

Now that you have a list of the must-haves, go ahead and transform your room into a personal oasis.

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