6 Types Of Massages And Their Benefits

Massages have always made its existence and prominence ever since ancient times. The ancient Egyptians have practiced it for a very long time and massage has even flourished in medieval India. Massage has been a very good way to get an amazing cure and pain relief. With time, more and more people started to get massage treatments and massage therapies have been evolving to give the best massage for back pain and other body aches that are evidently cured in no time to make life less stressful and painless for humans. In an ocean called massage, here are some of the most prominent massages and the benefits you could get from them. Having the right knowledge of massage can help you choose the right form of massage that works out the best for you.

Thai Massage Therapy

Thai massage therapy is one of the quickest massage therapies that you can ever come across. It only goes on for 30minutes. It is one of the simplest messages that can be even taken up by you during your lunch break time. It does not need any undressing or any sort of oil. The massage is given unto you by making you lie down on the mat. The massage is the best back pain relief treatment. Since it has a little of yoga poses in it, it makes your body flexible and releases all your stress. The benefits you could get from this massage is a complete cure for body pain and cramps. To make it more effective the masseuse uses a portable electric massager on the entire body.

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage therapy is the best form of massage that one can have. The massage lasts up to almost an hour or two and a good massage deeply nourishes each cell in the body – thereby improving their functionality. Deep tissue massage therapy is done to basically improve blood circulation. With this massage, the blood gets more oxygen and the cells function better. The massage also rectifies the inflammation in the body by providing sufficient blood flow and this gives immediate pain relief. The other important benefit of a deep tissue massage is detoxification. All the excess fat cells along with all the toxins present in each cell are brought out of the cells to give a complete body detox. The massage is either given in hand but the ones given with an electric massage provide a better effect on the body.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Just like the deep tissue massage therapy, Swedish massage therapy is quite famous for its after massage effects. If you are looking for a massage therapy that gives complete pain relief along with the improvement of mental health, the Swedish massage is all that you need to choose. The massage in spas is given with the help of a portable electric massager that gently glides over the oily body to beautifully work on it. The massage is best known for curing anxiety, bringing down the stress, improving one’s mood and giving pain relief. The other huge impact of Swedish massage therapy is to bring an ample amount of sleep. The ones suffering from insomnia take this massage up and git rid of their sleeping issues to wake up to pleasant and refreshing mornings. A good one or two hours is the time duration of this impeccable massage therapy.

Aroma Therapy

Another form of a complete body massage that cures a lot of issues and gives in good rest is the aromatic therapy commonly called as the aromatherapy. This is a good massage for the body enriched with all the pleasant aromas that soothe the mind and calm the body. It is scientifically proven that fragrances of essential oils beautifully impact the body and mind of the one taking the massage. It provides detoxification, stress reduction and other sorts of issues such as insomnia, depression, mood swings, and other such disorders. The massage goes up to around an hour and a half and aromatic oils are applied on the body that is then run over by a portable electric massager to completely spread the goodness of all on the body. All the pain and pressure of the body are driven away and you can wake up all refreshed and energetic after a good session of aromatherapy massage.

Sports Massage

The sports massage is solely meant to be given to athletes who are meant to sit, stand, run and fall. This massage improves their flexibility and improves their strength and body coordination. The gross motor skills are given a complete refurbishment and the bones and muscles are made to completely relaxed with this massage. Oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus and other such oils that bring down inflammation and promote detoxification are used while giving a good massage to the one who takes it up. With this massage, the athlete feels light, flexible, free, relieved from pain and a lot more active to perfectly practice for the coming days. Not many are aware of this massage but a sport’s massage can be taken up by anyone who feels the need of getting their energy levels rebooted to function better in their coming days.

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is another kind of massage that is new to the ones who love to get their massage done on a regular basis. Them ain purpose of the hot stone therapy is to get cramps and pain relief. This extremely works very well on the back pain relieved and makes one feel completely nourished. Huge pebble-like stones are warmed up and placed over the body, on the back, legs and knee joints. The heat and pressure from these stones work to cure back pain. This is then followed by a good massage using a portable massager. Unlike the other massages, the hot stone massage may go up to even 2 hours too. The ones who are fit into desk jobs are suggested to take this message to get a complete cure of neck pain and shoulder pain. The lower chronic pain that some of them suffer also gets cured and one becomes fit and fine.

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