6 Ways Fabric Furnishings Can Boost the Appearance of Your Living Room

You may have a beautifully constructed home, but if you have a beautiful space and a cold interior, no matter how good the space is, your living area will look sterile. Many people’s interior design projects have been ruined by strictly adhering to minimalism – and created a home that looks unhomely, cold and unoccupied.

If you’ve got a large space and cool features, it’s important you bring some warmth into the home. This takes it looking like a picture from a catalogue, and into a place where you can live, laugh and love with your friends and family.

The best way to bring warmth is with fabrics. Fabrics are what you snuggle into on cold winter nights, and they generally improve the feeling of warmth in your home no end.

Here are our 6 tips for how fabric can give your living room a boost:

  • Upholstered Sofas

Does anyone really like curling up on a leather sofa on cold winter nights? Or having their thighs stick to one on humid summer evenings? Its hard to believe that could be true for anybody.

As well as being more comfortable than their leather counterparts, sofas that are covered in fabric upholstery make a home seem that bit cozier – a place you can really enjoy curling up with those you love.

If you’re having any trouble with your current upholstered sofa, don’t get a new one! Just use a good staple gun.

  • Rugs

There’s no two ways about it – rugs are essential if you have laminate flooring and want your living room to look inviting. Even if you have a carpet, rugs are a great way to add that all important pop of color that makes a house a home.

Not only do they make walking around more pleasant, if your house does suffer from chills and drafts they literally help it retain more heat too!

  • Curtains

Eyes are the window to the soul, and eyebrows are the curtains. Now, these days, we all know how important a strong eyebrow is – so consider your curtain the eyebrow of your house.

That means your curtains need to be bold, lush and beautiful. Not only does a dense curtain increase the physical warmth of your home, but it also adds a strong sense of luxury to your pad.

  • Cushions

It’s hard to believe there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t feel more comforting by relaxing into lots of big comfy cushions. Cushions make a home cozier, but they also add that all important element of personal style.

You can fill your living room with a diverse range of cushions in different colors, fabrics and sizes to add a strong sense of your personality into the space.

A word to the wise; at least one really big cushion does wonders for when you want somewhere comfy to sit while you work and eat off the coffee table – something for those who love to eat in front of the T.V. to bear in mind.

  • A Foot Rest

Not all of us can afford a Lay-Z-Boy, but most of us enjoying kicking back and putting out feet up after a hard day’s work. A foot rest is an inexpensive and handsome feature that really enhances your enjoyment of your living room.

Just kick your shoes off and lean back into the evening. If you get one big enough for two, even better – believe it or not, they can be quite the romantic edition to the living room.

  • A Throw

Throws are great – not only do they add a sense of lusciousness and richness to your living room, they’re also perfect to curl up under when you fancy a snuggle.

You can get throws in all shapes and sizes, from furry ones to ones made from a hand-knitted wool weave. All good throws should add a sense of color and comfort to a cool living room. Traditional artisans have been making throws for thousands of years, so there quite the go-to item to add some rustic charm into your home!

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