7 Affordable Home and Curb Appeal Fixes For a Quick House Sale

Approximately 6 million homes were sold in the US last year.

That’s a lot of people buying and selling property!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the process of moving house was easy.

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case. For most people, selling their property is a long and arduous process from start to finish. In some instances, finding a buyer can take months and months!

It pays to do anything possible to speed the process along. Nicely, sometimes even minor upgrades can successfully enhance a home’s curb appeal enough to secure a buyer.

Looking for ideas on how to do exactly that?

Keep reading to discover 7 ways to boost curb appeal and attain a quick house sale.

1. Improve the Front Lawn

There’s nothing like a messy front garden to turn someone off your property.

In some ways, it makes no sense! The state of the front yard should have zero impact on what someone thinks of the house itself. Alas, that isn’t the case.

People are fickle, and first impressions count. Curb appeal can be immeasurably enhanced by putting some effort into the front yard. Anyone thinking ‘I just want to sell my house fast in Colorado Springs’ (or anywhere else, for that matter), will benefit from investing a bit of energy in lawn care.

Clear out the flower beds, rake up the leaves, mow the lawn, and trim back the hedges.

Do whatever you can to enhance the visual appeal of your front yard!

2. Get a New Mailbox

We’ll say it again:

First impressions count.

In fact, that’s understating it. They make a major difference in your ability to sell a house. Similarly, they’re formed almost instantaneously!

Someone can form a negative opinion in a heartbeat. Even worse, that general impression can stay with them. The house may be in great nick. However, that initial bad vibe can discolor the evaluation of the entire property.

For that reason, even seemingly minor details, like the mailbox, are important to consider.

Is yours looking run down and a bit worse for wear? Consider updating it for a new one. It’s a tiny and inexpensive step. But it’s probably the first thing a potential buyer will see. It can set the standard and create a positive first impression.

3. Light It Up

Lights make a major difference.

Both outside and inside a property, lights will only ever make a positive difference.

Outside, consider placing solar lighting along the footpath. For visits later in the day this can create a lovely, warm and welcoming approach to the front door.

Inside, maximize natural light. Light creates a sense of space. Conversely, darker spaces feel smaller and oppressive. As such, the lighter you can make the house, the better. Absolutely open the curtains in the daytime. In the evenings, turn the lights on!

If needs be, purchase some more lighting to maximize the levels you have indoors. You might prefer low lighting. However, for the purposes of selling a house, less definitely isn’t more!

4. Paint the Front Door

Here’s another quick and easy tip:

Give your front door a lick of paint in advance of selling your house.

Again, it’s about taking first impressions into account. Simply, that new coat can restore an old and weathered door into a fresh and welcoming one.

It sets the tone for the coming tour. The entire house feels better-maintained. It presents an image of care and attention to detail. It sends a message: “if the front door looks this good, then the owner must take the upkeep of their properly seriously”!

5. Declutter the Rooms

More light can make a difference in terms of creating a sense of space.

But it can’t work miracles!

If the house is full of furnishings and clutter, then it will immediately feel smaller. Be sure to tidy up before a house visit. Likewise, rid yourself (or put into storage) anything that you don’t necessarily need, and that is otherwise taking up space.

Creating more room within your rooms will be a major positive for prospective buyers. Another step that can have a similar effect is re-organizing the furniture.

Remember, you don’t want to show someone your house. You want to show them the space they could have. It’s better to provide a blank canvas for that purpose. A generic layout of furniture creates additional space, a natural route through which to explore, and a sense of possibility.

6. Remove Personal Items

We’ll re-emphasize that point:

You want to create a space that anyone can imagine themselves in. It’s time to rid yourself of the notion that this is still your home.

Wipe the slate clean. Think showrooms. Do they have a highly individualized room on display? Of course not! They leave things entirely generic and blank so that someone can picture themselves in the space.

Take the same tack in the house you’re selling. Remove personal pictures, photos and ornamentation from each room.

7. Repaint the Walls

Paint the walls too.

This is good practice anyway- a fresh coat of paint always restores a room to its former glory. However, painting in a neutral color will endear the house to a wider audience too.

Immediately, visitors have a better chance of picturing what they could do to the space.

Compare that to the garish lime green feature wall that you love!

Sure, that might be perfect for you. But a visitor may take one look at the color and despise it! Remember, finding a house is a long process too. They’ll want to just move in and be done with it. Having to repaint or re-wallpaper is unlikely to be a nice prospect. Neutral colors are always best.

Time to Get a Quick House Sale

There you have it: 7 top home and curb appeal fixes for attaining a quick house sale!

Millions of houses are bought and sold every year in the US. However, that doesn’t mean the process of doing it is straight forward. For many people, selling a property can take a serious amount of time, money, and effort.

Thankfully, taking a few steps to improve your home and curb appeal can help.

Hopefully, this post has highlighted the best ways to do it.

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