7 Certain Signs You Need a New Roof This Year

5% of American homeowners spend money on new roof replacement annually. Roof replacement is an inevitable cost considering that this part of your house is the first point of contact with extreme climatic conditions. Depending on the kind of climatic conditions around your home area, replacing your roof may be a costly affair.

But when does a roof need to be replaced? We have outlined the sudden signs you need a new roof this year! Whether it’s a replacement or a repair, we are here to help with this guide!

1. Has the Roof Been a Quarter of a Century Yet?

Most of the roof shingles experience remarkable damage within the first 20 years of service. It does not matter how your roof looks like from the outside. If it has hit the 20-year mark, then it is time to consider a replacement.

So how often does a roof need to be replaced? Well, 25 years is the standard roof life for most roof shingles. This, of course, depends on the prevailing weather.

2. Are You Finding Granules Everywhere?

Granules are useful when protecting your shingles from the extreme effects of the sun. These small bits of matter begin to fall off gradually as your roof begins showing signs of wear and tear. Once these granules start to fall off, then you have been served the replacement notice.

3. Shingles Beginning to Curl and Buckle Is Among the Signs That You Need a New Roof

Over time, your shingles will begin to curl up while experiencing repeated buckling up. If you’ve been wondering when to replace roof shingles, then this is a sign that your roof has seen better days.

4. Are Your Roof Shingles Missing?

Missing roof shingles may be a late indicator that you need an urgent roof replacement. You need to check that all your tabs or shingles are intact at all times. But if you notice missing shingles, then this may be an indicator of when to replace the roof in your home.

5. If the Elements Penetrate Right Past Your Roof

This is bad! You don’t need to be an expert to know that the leaks are an indicator of extensive damage to your roof. If sun rays have found a way of peeking through the holes on the roof, you better call in the experts.

6. Pay Attention to the Roof Valleys

Snow and rain find their way into the gutters through the roof valleys. But if your roof shingles are falling apart, then the valleys may be compromised. You need to consider roof replacement in such cases before you fall victim to the extreme causes of roof damage during extreme weather.

Poor roof maintenance may be a common failure leading to dilapidated roof valleys.

7. If You Are Paying Higher Energy Bills Than Usual

A good quality roof often aids in moderating the heat in your home. When your roof is functioning optimally, it keeps the heat moderate during the hot season and cold out during the winter.

But if you’ve been incurring more energy-related bills, this could be among the signs you need a new roof. If this is the case, it is time to consider a roof replacement.

Do Not Wait Until It’s Too Late

A ramshackle roof can cause costly damages to your homes’ interior. If you consider these signs as early indicators of a damaged roof, then you’ll have the advantage of replacing the shingles before the leaks and the sunrays spoil your interior. These abrupt signs you need a new roof will ensure you prepare well for your next roof replacement.

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