7 Significant Signs Your House Has A Major Electrical Problem

In this transforming world, electricity has become one of our basic needs as more than 95% of our household equipment is dependent on voltage. Honestly speaking, if there were no electricity, our lives would not be this more comfortable. On the other hand, we are the ones who neglect power as it is not an essential part of our lives. What do we do in return other than paying our bills on time? It may seem fictional, but it is a reality that there are everyday needs and desires of our house; maintenance of electrical boards and wiring is one of them. Following are some of the significant signs that indicate your home may have some electrical issues:

1. Discoloration Or Hot Switches

It is a pretty common thing that the plugs of our appliances get hot after several hours of use. But the buttons will never be heated if there is no electrical issue. If the buttons or switches seem more heated than usual, this might be a sign that you need professional help. Another thing observed is the discoloration of buttons and switches that is a clear indication of an electrical issue and can only be rectified by an expert. Mostly the buttons and switches start to get pale yellow coloration due to burning and then eventually get black due to continuous burning.

2. Tripping Of Circuit Breakers

The old conventional fuse boxes have replaced by the modern-day circuit breakers that are handier and advance. These circuits are highly sensitive to high amp appliances.  If you are facing difficulties with your electrical circuit, then it may not be the fault of your circuit breaker. There are high chances that you are using some appliances that cause the tripping of the circuit to prevent electrical failure. This issue can be resolved by changing the socket, but if this issue remains constant, you may have to consult an electrician to rectify the problem.

3. Burning Smell

It is a normal phenomenon that a new electrical appliance may have some hotness or burning smell. Still, if the smell of burning produces at the electric switch or buttons, then it is one of the signs of an electrical problem. This issue may need to rectify immediately as most of them are undetectable unless they cause considerable damage. This burning smell may become a big issue is it is not resolved and have the potential to damage the electrical appliances as well. A burning smell is majorly detected due to loose connections and in old wiring.

4. Fluctuation In Voltage

Another sign of a substantial electrical problem is that your appliance may have some flicking or dimming effect. For example, the bulbs in your house may get brighter, or even they may have dim light depending upon the voltage they receive. That causes the wiring of the house is not good enough and may need some external help from an expert who can replace or amend as per the need. These voltage issues tend to damage the appliance, and you may have to face severe consequences. There are several reports of short circuits resulting in burning the entire house.

5. Unpleasant Or Buzzing Sound

You must be curious that there can be any possibility the buttons and switches produce bizarre sound as we all studied that current flows without any noise. Yes, that’s right, but that is only applicable to the typical circuits. If you can hear a cracking or buzzing sound out of your plugs and buttons, there is a chance of a significant issue that needs immediate attention.

6. Regular Switches Give You Shocks

We have been receiving several complaints that our switches an buttons are giving us slight shocks, and in some cases, the handles of the fridges are also observed to have current. That is because your house wiring has been old and with lots of rusty, broken, or loose ends. This problem as no other solution than taking help from a professional electrician. That may seem like a slight shock, but it is a clear indication that your house and electrical appliances are at risk.

7. Sparking Buttons And Switches

Have you ever observed that when you switch on the light or plug in your machine, there is a slight spark? This spark is because the buttons or the switches have a loose end that flashes when electricity flows. There is a possibility that your wiring may not have any issue, but the appliance may have an electrical fault. In both cases, you may have to face some severe consequences, so it is better to resolve these issues before using them again.


None of us have time to get involved in our house maintenance as we are so much busy in our daily routine. And once we get back home, all we need is a bed to sleep. Somehow, most of us neglect small electrical issues, and these minor issues cause severe damage to our belongings and appliances. All we need is to keep an eye on small matters so that we may prevent more significant problems.

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