7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home More Appealing

Home improvement is no easy task, but there are simple ways on how to it. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars just to add appeal to your home.

7 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Home More Appealing

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These simple tips and tricks can help turn your home into a better one.

1. Give your wall a makeover. There are many ways on how to upgrade your wall.

Painting or applying wallpapers are great ways to upgrade your old walls. If you have the time and budget, painting is your go-to option. Use two-tone colors with care as these can either turn out good or bad if the colors do not match or complement one another.

Make sure to clean the surface of the wall before painting or using wallpapers. Before buying paint or wallpapers, make sure to measure your wall to save time energy and money.

Add picture frames, set up a collection of your favorite photos and hang paintings up on your wall. Hang your gallery near the staircase, up on your living room wall or in hallways and the like. These are the fastest way to update your walls and could be much cheaper than buying paint or wallpapers.

Make use of decorative mirrors and place them on your walls to make the room will bigger and brighter. You can put bigger mirrors at every entrance to invite lighting. Mirrors are also handy when it comes to last minute touch ups when leaving the house.

2. Install Proper lighting. Whenever we try to improve or renovate any part of the house, we often overlook the importance of proper lighting. More often than not, we focus more on other things like wallpapers, furniture, and carpet and just throw in a lamp or two afterward. We tend to forget that lighting can make or break the overall character and atmosphere of the room.

Designers often suggest creating three layers of lighting –Task, Accent and General or Ambient Lighting. Task Lighting is a type of light that plays a huge role in accomplishing specific tasks such as reading, cooking, making school works, and working on hobbies. Lamptwist offers high-quality lamps such as table and floor lamps perfect for task lighting.

Accent Lighting. A part of an interior design plan that creates visual interest to add drama in a space. Accent light is the type used to highlight precious displays such as paintings and sculptures. Also, it is used to highlight houseplants, outdoor landscaping and the like. Ambient lighting is commonly called general lighting.  Its purpose is to give an even and overall illumination in every room.

Lighting plays a role much more significant than anyone can expect it to have in improving the look and feel of a room.

Proper Lighting can affect productivity, enhance your mood and improve your well-being. It can provide you with the experience or illusion of space, increase any room’s desirability and sets the atmosphere for a place.

These are some of the ways on how to improve lighting in your home:

•    Choose the kind of light bulbs that are energy efficient such as CFLs and LED lights.

•    Incorporate the three types of lighting in every room.

•    Don’t forget to light the dark corners of your house like closets and cupboards.

•    Open up and regularly clean your windows to take advantage of natural light.

•    Set the mood by using candles and dimmers

•    Make use of mirrors to let the light bounce around the room, giving you the illusion of a bigger space.

3. Remember to care and maintain for your garden. Home gardens can range from having a few plants in pots to large plots of produce. This outdoor space is as valuable as the inside of your home, so make sure to include this on your list of home improvements.

These are some of the ways on how to improve your garden.

1.    Keep it clean. Remove weeds and moss, and make sure to sweep away dead leaves.

2.    Add some creative lighting. Adding lights to your garden highlights the best spots and can give a whole new ambiance. You can use lawn lamps, spotlights, and even tealights.

3.    Keep it simple. Use minimal designs and your garden will look cleaner than it is.

4.    Add extra furniture like tables and chairs to use the additional space for recreation. No need to purchase for brand new and store-bought furniture if you have time to do Do-It-yourself projects.

5.    Add a touch of romance by planting flowers. Doing so not only set the mood but make your garden look and feel good. Plant various flower plants or use those kinds which have different and vibrant colors.

6.    Make great use of your lawnmower. Regularly trimmed and maintained lawns are very easy to the eyes and give the impression of a clean garden.

4. Adapt an indoor garden – even if it means only a small number of plants gets to stay inside the house. Placing flowers inside a room help in air regulation and adds an extra appeal to the room.

5. Transform your stairs and turn them into space savers. If you have stairs, chances are the space underneath is of much use. By installing cabinets, you get to save space and your house will be more organized since you have that extra storage for your tools, shoes, trinkets or whatever you may put in.

6. If you have high ceilings, the chances are that extra spot is empty. What some interior designers do is they maximize the space by hanging an artwork high up the wall, make window treatments up in the ceiling, or create shelves and use the extra space storage. Using high bookshelves is also a great way to make use of the additional space.

High ceilings are also an excellent spot for hanging lamps and chandeliers. If these are not your time, you may opt in mounting a sizeable flat screen.

7. Got plain colored furniture? Then throw in some vibrant pillows of different sizes. You can easily lift the mood inside a room by using bright and colorful accessories. These types of pillow covers match beautifully with plain white furniture.

These are just some of the quick ways to fix and improve your home. It is up to you on how to make it your own.


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