8 “Green” Trends To Look For in 2014

Over the past couple of years the term “Green Cleaning” has absolutely exploded in popularity. The reason for this could be because people are beginning to be more concerned with the Earth’s health. There are more and more new stories and media references to global warming and how humans are adding nothing but waste to an Earth that does nothing but provide. It could be because it is something that is just a trend (kind of like eating organic). Regardless of the reason, we can be sure that the term “Green Cleaning” isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Here are 8 Green trends to look for in 2014

1 Energy Saving Light bulbs


People have to start somewhere, right? Nobody makes the decision to start going green and goes all in right away. It takes baby steps, and what perfect way to start out than by saving money? There are many different options for bulbs that conserve more energy than standard light bulbs and cost less. In fact, you can walk into any Lowes or Home Depot store and ask an employee about Energy Saving Light Bulbs and they will be sure to point you in the right direction. The great news is that this is nothing new, it’s just that more and more people are starting to make the decision to switch to this kind of bulb.

There are some of the low profile emergency lights which are very efficient and are energy saving. These lights are designed for all types of commercial applications and the appeal of this unit is low profile, angled edges that blend well with upscale, attractive interiors.

2 Different Forms of Travel

It is becoming increasingly popular to take the train, ride your bike, or take the speed shuttle to work, college, or home. Cars are considered extremely unhealthy for the environment and people are beginning to rise up and take a stand. The amount of people riding bikes to work and colleges in downtown areas (Seattle, New York, etc.) has continued to increase simultaneously to the green cleaning. A lot of “hipsters” would rather ride their bikes around town instead of harm the environment. Bikes aren’t the only option, though. There are other options such as taking the bus, or riding the train.

3 Solar Power

Have you noticed any stop lights or traffic cameras lately? Next time you are passing by one, take a look at it and try to see if there is a solar panel attached to it. The government has made a push to save power, and one of the ways that they are doing this is by installing solar panels and other energy saving contraptions onto street lights and cameras. There is always a backup generator attached to them, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Keep your eyes peeled in 2014 as you drive around, you’ll be sure to spot one!

4 Green Cleaning Products

It started out in small stores, but now the trend is coming to large chains such as Costco and Target. More products that you see on the shelves are “green standard”. This can mean many different things because (unfortunately) companies have the power to regulate certain standards and lie. Do all companies do this? Of course not. Do some? Yes. So, next time you are at a store shopping for cleaning products, try to spot an item that is labeled “Green”.

5 Energy Saving Building Parts


There have been many technology improvements in the past ten years, specifically in the field of home construction. In 2014 you will be seeing many building being built with “Green standard” products already installed in them. Items such as Central Vacuum Systems, or energy saving ovens come to mind. If there is no need for the appliance to be on, why should it be? In the past many products were designed to always be idol and ready to use whenever, but now it seems as though products are made with the intention to conserve.

6 Electronics

While we are on the subject of energy saving, it would be wise to address electronics in general. Computer parts, televisions, and phones are all perfect examples of how products are becoming more efficient, and require less energy. There are certain televisions that you can buy now that don’t require half of the energy that they used to – and they run so much better! Computer parts have completely evolved and now take up almost no energy (thanks to different materials and Solid State Drives). Almost everyone has a smartphone today, and they charge twice as fast as older phones, and can last longer as well. This reduces the amount of energy needed to charge a phone substantially!

7 Cars

Some of us may have been laughing at the Prius when it first came out, but this is a trend that is continuing to rise. More and more car manufacturers are designing models that are meant to conserve energy. Whether the article is completely electric, or it uses very little gas, there is an effort being made! Certain cars that come to mind are the Smart Car and Ford’s new fully electric Ford Focus. This is a trend that is definitely not going to stop anytime soon.

8 E-Books


We haven’t seen the last of the Kindle, IPad, or Nook. In fact, there are more people reading E-books today than ever before. The popularity of these readers comes from the simple concept of having an entire library in your backpack that weighs less than one book. It really is incredible what technology can do. If you haven’t seen anyone reading an E-Book last year, you will in 2014.


A simple, short, and sweet summary is that there are so many various energy saving trends on the rise that there is no possible way that they are going to go away anytime soon. In fact, we can go a step further and ask the question, “Will they ever go away?” After all, every single one of the items mentioned above help our environment, and are more efficient. Simply put, it just makes sense. If you have any other trends that you are noticing become increasingly popular in this subject, comment below!

Author bio:

Sergey Stefoglo works at a Marketing Firm in Seattle, and he helps install Central Vacuum systems in Seattle.

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