A Laser Liposuction – Learn More About It

Excess fat content in the body is a more problematic condition that can persist even after losing an incredible amount of fat. Although Liposuction is a viable means of removing excess fat, it faces countless obstacles, including loose skin and painful recoveries. Laser lipo is a modern way that allows patients to do away with excess fat without undergoing invasive surgeries. Laser lipo uses tiny thin fiber-optic cables inserted into the skin via a small puncture targeting to remove excess fat content. The laser lipo involves thermal energy, a small incision, and quick recovery. Although skin tightening may take a while to heal, patients of laser lipo in Ohio typically undergo less painful healing with better results

How laser liposuction works

Laser lipo consists of a cannula with a fiber-optic laser running through it to the targeted fatty cells. The laser produces a thermal heat which melts the fat cells in the targeted area. Depending on the extent of the process, the fat is either suctioned out or absorbed into the body.

The process is ideal for people who opt to achieve a reshaped or a more natural contour in selected sections with excessively high amounts of fat. Laser lipo is thermal flexible. Depending on the patient’s fat content and skin condition, the system is adjustable to optimum heat levels. This mechanism results in more effective results. The process is of benefit to clients who also require tightening and toning of their loose skin.

Wattages settings in laser lipo are according to circumstances that favor the patient’s skin and conditions. Every wattage has its advantage in skin treatment; for instance, higher wattages will help generate more laser wavelengths for patients who require their skin rejuvenated. On the other hand, patients will require low wattage to focus exclusively on fat cell treating on specific sections.

Benefits of Laser Lipo

The unique nature of laser lipo procedures provides the patient with exclusive benefits which includes;

1. Reduction of excess fat in the cell of treatment

After a successful breakdown of fatty tissues by laser liposuction, there is the elimination of fat content from the body via suction. The process not only gives the client an instant but also better results as time progresses.

2. Minimum discomfort

Laser lipo produces less discomfort as compared to other traditional liposuction procedures. A mild anesthesia is administered to the patient to help in case pain should occur.

3. Quick recovery

The use of a laser-tipped probe allows the laser lipo to remove the fat cells in a manner in which they appear natural. The method tends to help body tissues recover faster, yielding better overall outcomes.

4. Patients’ safety

The least invasive nature of laser lipo is combined with modern technology to minimize the risk of infection as it effectively eliminates the fatty tissues.


Excessive fat content in the body poses a threat to human generations. A laser lipo technology uses a fiber-optic laser to burn fatty tissues in targeted areas. Depending on the condition and fat content, the process is thermal flexible. The wattages are adjustable to optimize results. The advantages of laser lipo include; safety, quick recovery, minimum discomfort, and it reduces excess fat cells in the body.

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