A New Definition of Sturdiness: 5 Metal Roofing Myths Debunked

You have been looking at getting a metal roof for your property but you aren’t quite ready to make the commitment. What has been holding you back? Maybe you have some ideas about metal roofs that just aren’t right. We hope to change your mind by debunking 5 commonly held misconceptions about metal roofs.

1. Metal Roofs Attract Lightning

Far from being the problem that a lot of people imagine it to be, having a metal roof is actually a good thing in a storm.

Lightning strikes whatever it is closest to on its way to discharging into the ground, which is where it is most often heading to.

If it hits that roof the metal is actually going to disperse the charge safely through the structure of your home, and it is not going to catch fire, which makes it actually safer than a normal roof.

2. They’re Super Loud When It Rains

Some people when they think about a metal roof are probably thinking about the few frames of reference that they have – maybe being in a barn or being in a  shed, and how loud that experience was.

This couldn’t be further from the experience that metal roofs like those from Erie Metal Roofs provide. You aren’t just getting a metal structure placed on the top of your house – you are getting a roof and a roofing deck, together with insulation. The roofing deck and the insulation are designed to muffle the noise.

3. You Can’t Walk On Metal Roofs

This is of course not true, because the roofs have to be maintained the same way that any roof has to. It would be impractical to have such a problem. While they are less prone to damage and do not need to have shingles replaced, you may have to clean leaves, pollen, dirt, and anything else that is going to blow on your roof away.

While a little slipper than asphalt roofs, once you have had proper education on how to work with metal roofs you are going to find it just as easy to walk round on them and clean any other roof.

4. Metal Roofs Heat Up Your House

You may look at a metal roof and figure that is going to heat up your house because metal conducts heat. While your asphalt roof is going to absorb UV rays, your metal roof is in fact going to reflect them.

Another great thing is that they release solar energy faster than asphalt does.

Metal roofs are able to maintain a consistent heat within your home, and have been known to give you savings of up to 40% on your HVAC costs.

5. Metal Roofs Are Too Expensive

The price of a metal roof is one of those things which you have to consider in terms of upfront cost versus lifetime costs.

When you consider that a metal roof generally has a lifespan of 40-60 years, versus the 20 years you have with an asphalt roof before it starts giving you problems, and the benefits start to become apparent.

It is an investment, that you are going to be glad that you made.


Hopefully, you have just taken 5 steps closer to understanding why metal roofs are the way to go. Not only do they look good, but they are durable, and they are going to last you for a long time.

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