A Texas Home Deserves A Texas Roof

Stated by a Roofing company in Arlington, TX, The Lone Star State has many attractive attributes: big beautiful sky, sunshine, breathtaking scenery, and ample cities; it’s no wonder so many people move to Texas. If you’re a Texas homeowner, you know the state presents unique roofing challenges such as the harmful UV rays. If you do not get the right roof or get something cheap to save a few bucks, you may wind up with a financial disaster down the road.

In this article, we look at several roofing options that are ideal for the Texas home.


While metal is expensive, the cost is coming down here in Texas making it a popular option over tile. Metal is non-porous which means it’s weatherproof, which is ideal because of the big storms that are known to rumble through the state. Whether you go with aluminum or copper, metal is a very durable choice for bad weather and is an excellent barrier against pests.

Also, metal is ideal for taking the heat of the Texas sun. Metal reflects the sun’s rays which keeps your home cooler and puts less strain on your HVAC system.

S Tiles

S tiles are like terracotta tiles in that they combine to form a wavy pattern to provide for better circulation. S tiles are made from a variety of materials and can either be white or dyed a color to your liking. White is a great choice for Texas because of the reflective properties, and when you combine that with the circulation, you have a roof that’s capable of repelling almost 75% of the sun’s rays.


Solar panels are ideal for Texas because they absorb the sunlight and protect the roof underneath. Because they absorb the heat, your home remains cooler naturally. If you don’t like the idea or the look of solar panels, you can opt for solar shingles, which are more expensive but are more aesthetically pleasing.


Concrete is perfect for those on a budget, however, remember that because of the weight, concrete is challenging to transport and maintain. The significant advantage of concrete is its ability to hold up against wildfires, which are a problem in some areas of Texas. Also, like metal and S tiles, concrete is excellent at reflecting heat.

Clay & Terracotta

If you look around Mexico and South Texas, you’ll see plenty of terracotta roofs because it’s perfect for the heat of the area and because they add visual flair to the home. Terracotta is rigid and provides for a lot of circulation which helps keep your home cool.


Slate comes in a wide range of colors that blend perfectly to the earthy tones of Texas. Slate is durable, long lasting, and becomes even more attractive as it ages.

Those who have lived in Texas for a long time know there’s no state quite like it. If you can stand the heat, and have the correct roofing option to go with it, you can be happy here forever.

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