Addiction Care Specialists in New York

Have you been trying to fight off your drug addiction, and so far, your efforts have borne no fruits? Well, if so, then all you need is a visit to Mitchell Medicine P.C, and all your problems can be confronted. At the center, you will find the top addiction medicine specialist in New York, who is sure to offer the best addiction care you can find.

They offer a wide range of interventions for drug and substance abuse-related problems such as alcoholism and other many addictions. They ensure that a client’s all-round wellness is taken care of, and the patient is back on track socially, psychologically, and physically. Some of the services offered at Mitchell Medicine P.C include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

It is a therapy designed to help patients who suffer from psychologically related issues such as anxiety and depression. It uses talk therapy in conjunction with behavioral therapy to curb the negative patterns of thinking that control a person’s behavior.

The doctors Mitchell and Richter work together with a team of therapists who are richly informed about drug-use disorders, and a client is appointed a therapist that works for him/her best. The therapist will help you to identify and manage the negative emotions and thoughts that lead you to undesirable behaviors. Your therapist will then help you to replace the unwanted behaviors and bring forth positive ones that will work miracles for you in your fight.

Relapse Prevention

A relapse is a situation whereby a person goes back to drug use after abstaining for a prolonged amount of time.  It is not perceived failure as it is a part of the recovery process, and proper prevention requires ways that can aid you in avoiding the traps of relapse.  The road to recovery is a continuous process that involves counseling and therapy, prescription medications that help you manage the cravings, frequent visits to monitor the relapse, techniques that aid in avoiding triggers, and also a participation program that takes place in 12 steps.

Doctors Mitchell and Richter will help you overcome possible relapses, which will go a long way in making sure that you live your desired drug-free life and enjoy your life fully.


Alcoholism is a condition that negatively affects a person’s ability to manage their consumption of alcohol. It is a chronic disease and progresses over time. Its symptoms include the failure to quit drinking, blacking out when drinking, binge drinking, indulging in high-risk behaviors, and withdrawal symptoms, for instance, shaking in the absence of alcohol.

It is treated using many intertwined approaches, including medications,12-step programs, and also some behavioral therapies. Both doctors Mitchell and Richter work tirelessly to ensure that you get the optimal care and support to overcome your drinking problem.

Opioid Dependence

Opioids are narcotics that are usually prescribed to relieve pain and come in various forms, such as codeine, heroin, and morphine. The dependence on these drugs builds over time as they work by reducing pain and bringing pleasure.

Opioid addiction treatment ranges from detoxing to other interventions such as putting a patient on suboxone and also the use of Vivitrol, which all help the body to lose the attachment of the drugs gradually. Other services offered at Mitchell Medical include:

  •         Substance use disorder
  •         Outpatient program
  •         Detoxification
  •         Sinclair method
  •         Substance abuse

Book your appointment at Mitchell Medical today for more of these services and let us help you to live a transformed, healthy life free of drugs.

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