Are You Redecorating your House? Do You Know Your A,B,C,D…?

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The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own house” -Harold B. Lee

Many of us do not know this Harold person, but we sure agree with what he said. Our home is very important to us, we are emotionally connected to it. It feels so good to call a building ‘My house’ or ’My place’. You may have traveled the whole world, but the content you get while entering your house is worth more than two times the world travel. If you have been in a hostel or you work in another city, then you must know what I am trying to say. If you have bought the house with your savings, then the connection becomes even more strong and pious.

Home is more than a roof and the four walls, it is our safe haven. A place where we can roam in our pajamas, where we can eat and throw the wrapper anywhere we want. Shoes here…socks there…. Our hair is like a bird’s nest or ‘JHADOO’ as we commonly refer it. No makeup, no fakeness, no veil.

Many people spend their whole life in one house without complaining about its looks, its size, and its location. Well, you cannot change the location and the size, but you can surely add dynamics to your house by just redecorating and changing a few things in the course. When your heart feels so good, relaxed and stress-free in your house, don’t you want to give a visual treat to your eyes too? Don’t you want that your guests also appreciate your dream house? Oh please…! Everyone loves to be appreciated.

So, let us together redecorate your house with some very affordable things, many things you can find in your closets buried deep under those rugs and quilts. Some you can  find in the trunks in the storeroom and a very few you need to buy from the market. So, let us start learning A,B,C,D…

A: A for Apple…! Just Kidding. This A does not mean apple. This means ART PIECES. Art is very important in life. Some people have an art of cooking, some are good at writing, some play well, some paint well. There is an artist in all. If you have taken an art class in school or during summer vacations, you have to take out those beautiful paintings or wall hangings or embroidery things. There is no need to invest much money into buying those paintings which have a few criss-cross lines that make no sense to you (unless you are an art lover and have an eye for these). If you have a kid in your house, you can hang his/her handmade paintings on the wall.

B: Ya…No banana. The next thing that is important to consider while decorating is BED and BEDSHEET. People invest so much time in decorating their living room or guest room, that they hardly give any attention to the bedroom. You do not expect anyone to enter your bedroom without your permission, but what if someone do come there only to find out stained bedsheets and unmade bed? All of your efforts would go in vain. Your bed should always be made and bedsheet should be clear. Some people also decorate their bed with cushions and quilts.

C: Our little friend C is very popular, you have to learn many things from C, which adds charm to the house when used wisely. CARPET, CUSHION, CLOCKS, CANDLES. Yes, if you are thinking that you do not need a carpet, then you are absolutely wrong. Everyone needs a carpet, in fact, I think having a carpetandtextile at your house should be made a law (Sigh! As if that is gonna happen). There is no need to cover your every room with the carpet, carpets are heavy and they need a great maintenance. You should, at least, have a carpet in the sofa area of your living room, where you usually make your guests sit. A carpet gives a rich feeling to the area and without much efforts, you can have loads of praises from your guests.

On the sofa, use cushions, of course, a sofa without cushions is like a soul-less body (Ya…exaggerated this a bit). Anyhow, moving forward, you can put candles on the tables or on the shelves. Candles always give an exotic appeal to the room. Ya, if you have used a candle once, do not put it there for decoration purposes. Nowadays a great variety of clock are available in the market. Get a good color-coded for your living room. Do not over do with the clock. One clock per room is enough. Even if your living room is huge, do no put more than two clocks at opposite corners.

sofa cushions

D: DESK…A desk is often ignored  by most of the people. They think that having a dining table, sofa table is enough in a living room, but trust the experts, it is not. When you do not have a desk, all of the magazines, remotes, extra cushions, their covers will be unmanaged and they would lie here and there making everything messy. By having a desk right there would help in managing things better. If you think that you have a closet in the bedroom, that would not do the job. When your guest ask for a tissue, would you run to the kitchen or bedroom to fetch one? Just extend your arm and get one from the desk.

E: There are two options for decorating your house with an E- if you have an office area in your house, you need to give it a professional touch, so go for ERGONOMIC CHAIR (the one that has wheels and you can swirl like a free bird). Anyway, these chairs are so much fun, even if you do not have a work area, get one of these chairs. The second option is- ETHNIC DECOR. Ethnic decor never goes out of fashion. When the ethnic things go old, they become vintage and you can flaunt those clocks or vases saying that “HAMARE DADAJI KE ZAMAANE KA HAI”. Don’t you love owning something that no other person can get anywhere?

F: FURNITURE and FIGURINES. Now, what can I say about it, it goes without saying that furniture frame the look of the house. Without furniture, the sound echo and we do not want that in our house. So the first and most important thing to decor the house is with furniture. If you know a carpenter, contact him, he can give a new design to your old furniture, like he can convert your bed into a ‘diwan’. If you can afford some figurines, they make a good attention grabber. Otherwise, you can also use miniature figurines to place on desks and tables.

G: GLASS ROOF. Have you been to some heritage city like Jaipur? ‘SHEESH MAHAL’ must be your  favorite. Glass adds elegance to your house. If you think that the whole glass roof would be overboard, you can use glass stars or at least, use a chandelier.

H: I have reserved H for only and only HANDMADE things. There are many things you can get under this label, but my personal favorite is handmade things. WOH…! If you think that you have not been so creative in schools and colleges, do not worry, it is not necessary that handmade things should be made by your hands. You can get many handmade items in the market. These can be customized according to your requirements. They add a unique touch to the house. They can be paintings, cushions, pots and flowers, wall decor etc.

I: Now…now, this one may sound crazy to you, but you can actually go for an INDOOR FOUNTAIN. Now, do not jump out of the bed and scream ‘Are you mad or what?’ at me. You must have heard of paper mache, I myself took some classes of it. Using paper, you can make a great personalized fountain of your own. If you think that the artist in you cannot pull this job, buy a ready one from the market. They start around Rs. 5000/-.

J: I was pretty confused about this J, but then I looked around my house and found that my Mom loves flowers and fragrance. She has grown real flowers in JARS and JUGS. If you also love flowers, you can take transparent jugs, add some colored pebbles in it and then soil and then flowers. You can also use artificial flowers if you do not like to water them.

K: KNITTED things or KEYHOLDERS. The two things may appear small, but they add a great personal touch to the room. The knitted things can be telephone covers or table covers. Keyholders can efficiently manage those small demons that go out missing, every time you are heading out.

L: Again, this is a very common thing, with very uncommon effects; LAMPS and LANTERNS. There is no need to use functional lamps in the house, you can use decorative ones, just like a showpiece. And, lanterns are back in the trend, especially; Chinese lanterns. They can be of paper or cotton or plastic, when you hang them around your room, they instantly pep-up the look.

M: ___, __, on the wall, who is beautiful of them all? Yes, MIRRORS. Having a big mirror at one wall of the room, just gives you the illusion of larger space and light reflects beautifully throughout the room. If you are not bold enough to use a big mirror, use a few small ones in the areas where the natural sunlight falls beautifully.

N: NEON SIGNS. If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you must know that neons are very popular these days. Talk about makeup or shoes or even house decor, they are making a great fan following. You can also use these neon colors to fill your living area with bright colors. You can also use these neon signs, on the fence around your house, or at the front gate.

O: Do you know something called OTTOMAN? Of course, you do not. You know his foreign brother which goes by the name ‘bean bags’. Ottoman is commonly known as ‘MUDDA/MUDDI’ I think. Anyhow, you got the idea, right? These are the completely desi addition to your room. You can get them in many colors and shapes. They are fun to sit on and nice to look at.

P: There two things you can find in every house, they are the first things that are put on any wall after the paint of course. PAINTINGS and PHOTO FRAMES. Memories are to be cherished forever. Even if you do not photograph well, you should put some photo frames on the wall; of the times when your family spent some quality time together. Seeing these photos every time you pass by them would bring a great smile on your face, no matter how sucking the day may be.

Q: QUILTS. No rocket science here. Quilts are not only used to cover yourself in winters, they make a very good bed decor too. When you place the folded quilt at the rear end of your bed, it looks posh and well made.

R: First thing, you have to use RUGS in the living room, that is obvious. Jaipur rugs are just too good. The second option is the use of RETRO TELEPHONE, these telephones are not functioning in the world of mobiles and internet, but they make a great decor. They add some class to your room and you get to feel the gist of the old forgotten times.

S: SCARVES as a decoration is a great idea if you ask me. They can sew together to make a curtain, or they can be used as a table cloth. They make a great wallhanging too. You can weave these scarves as a braid and then use them as a frame to your pictures.

silk scarves

T: Any house is incomplete without this in it- TEMPLES. You can choose one according to your liking and the decor of your room. They are available in wood, metal or ceramic. You can also get them in various sizes, shapes and colors.

U: I got stuck in this one and the only thing that I could think here was UTENSILS. Yes, utensils. Well, help me out here if you know something else. Well, let us conclude this one by saying that you should always have utensils in your kitchen to cook food(HA..Ha..Ha..).

V: Your guess would be as good as mine, VASES. These vases come in all shapes and sizes. If your room is big, choose big vases, if it is small, use small vases on the tables. Do not disproportionate the sizes. There is no need to put flowers in these vases. They also look good just sitting at the side of your sofa.

W: Who does not love the sound of those WIND CHIMES? You should not miss out on the lovely sounds that wind chimes make every time wind passes through them. They can be hanged anywhere, at the door, window or even in the middle of the room.

X: I am so sorry for what I am gonna suggest you guys now, but X is not so popular what can I do? XENON LAMPS, these lamps have xenon gas filled in them, Stupid..right? But if you find that as a probable choice, xenon lamps are actually beautiful.

Y: Your day starts with some yoga and thus YOGA MATS are essential for your house. You can use these Yoga mats as an accessory too. I strongly suggest you; Yoga and Yoga mat for staying healthy. These can be used in that spacious balcony of yours too.

Z: Well, there is a strange fashion trend which is making a huge buzz- ZEBRA PATTERN. People are actually getting zebra patterned furniture, wallpapers, and table covers. ‘Black and white’ is officially ‘in’ again. Those beautiful stripes look so good everywhere they are placed on. It takes some guts to get the zebra pattern, but you need to be brave sometimes in your life.

Well, no other person can really tell you how to manage and decorate your own house. It is your personal space where you need to sprinkle your own memories with your own touch. Do not try too hard in making your house too fancy that you cannot live freely in it. Comfort triumph the style. Your house is beautiful for you anyway.  A beautiful home is where your family, your true happiness lies, rest is just a structure of brick and cement.


Author’s Bio:

The author of this post is a passionate researcher, writer, and presenter. She likes to be updated with the latest trends in the home decor and enjoy even more in helping people with that. She keeps in touch with many interior designers and know everything about what she is writing. She is a huge supporter of Indian textiles and love trying out handmade products.


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