How to Avoid Some of the Biggest Mistakes in Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen area of your house is full of life. Getting together with your family on coffee, breakfast and talking with your friends on a drink, everything is done here in your kitchen. Therefore, a functional and beautiful kitchen is a must for everyone, who wants to give their home a soothing and lively environment.

kitchen remodelling

However, often people make horrible mistakes during remodeling of kitchen, which leads to several problems and overflow is one of them. In order to avoid such problem, it is necessary to know about them and have an action plan for the same. Read out further to discover such mistakes and how you can overcome it.


1. Mistake – obstructed access to kitchen triangle

Often people forget about the access to kitchen triangle, which includes:

  • Sink
  • Stove
  • Refrigerator

This problem is more likely to occur, if you are not taking any professional’s help or if you hired a novice in this field. The problem also occurs because of the kitchen plan as it can be T shaped or L shaped.

Action plan

Do not forget to consider the space required for trouble free access to these areas. Also, make sure that you fix the sink near the actual plumbing system of your house. You should always take plumbers help to get your sink installed in the proper place. Moreover, make sure you have a free space of at least five feet in your kitchen for easy moving and obstruction free access.


2. Mistake- low storage space

There are a lot of things present in kitchen required for storage. For instance, the crockery that are not used daily or the kitchen appliances need ample space for storage. However, people often forget about this storage space in order to give their kitchen a sophisticated look.

Action plan

Make separate compartments for each item. Do not forget to place the fragile items away from the tough ones. For instance, you can always keep the glassware and crockery sets in one cabin whereas the steel plates or cutlery can be kept in the other Köögimööbel (kitchen tartus). You can always go for built in cabinets. However, they are expensive than others.


3. Mistake- lack of counter top workplace

It is a complaint by several homeowners that their professionals or masons have left only a small counter top workplace. While huge workplace means more comfortable cooking, it also helps in keeping fresh fruits or vegetables. Moreover, the kitchen appliances such as juicers, toasters, microwaves, etc. need good counter top space for smooth functioning.

Action plan

Clearly, instruct your builder or decorators, how much counter top workplace you need. You can also tell them about the appliances you have or you are going to use. This will let them know about the appropriate space they should leave as counter top. You can also add a breakfast bar or an island in your premade kitchen to increase the workplace.


These are some of the most common mistakes, which occur during kitchen remodeling. You can use the action plan and resolve them anytime.


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Chris Ewan works with one of the home improvement contractors, and this article has been created by him. You could also visit their website and check out some of the best Köögimööbel designs (kitchen tartus) for your kitchen today.

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