Awesome Ways To Make Your Home More Secure

Your home is one of the most important parts of your life. It is where you go to relax and feel safe, which is why it needs to be secure. The question is: is your home secure? Homes, for the most part, are not as secure as you may think as homeowners like to go through the motions. Yes, you may have an alarm system, but that doesn’t mean a thief won’t take a crack at your property. To make your home less desirable and, therefore, more safe, take a look at the following.


Call The Police

The police are there to help, so use their services widely. After all, they are professionals when it comes to crime. Most police stations will gladly come out to your home to give your property a once over. After their inspection, they will provide you with a detailed account of what’s good and what needs improving. And, if that is not enough, they will tell you how to fix the issues. Don’t be scared to give them a call or visit and ask for their help.


Organize A Burglary

Do you know anyone who has expertise in the home security arena? If the answer is yes, ask them to organize a burglary at your home. The idea is that you lock up your house and leave, and then they come and try and gain entry. If they get in, they win, and you need to look at the weak points of your property. However, if they fail, you know that you home is pretty safe. There is no need to go overboard and smash windows or break doors. Just ask them to scope the place and highlight any flaws.

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Secure The Windows

Windows and doors are popular targets for a burglar, as well as garages because they are the main entry points. Windows, however, are better because they are weaker and make it easier to get inside. Just imagine trying to break down a solid front door or garage door. Now that you know this info, it is time to make a change. The key is to make sure they are properly secured so that they cannot be jimmied or forced open. Also, double glazing helps as the glass is more durable and harder to break. Visit for more info on double glazing.


Don’t Hide A Key

A hidden key is a staple of most properties. It is also one of the main reasons thieves can enter a house without forcing entry. Thieves are not stupid, and they will search for a key before they do any damage. If there is a spare house key under a plant pot or the mat, they will simply let themselves in and rob you blind. Although it is easier if you lose your key, it is also a serious security breach. Get rid of the key keep a spare one on your person instead.


Finally, make sure you lock up all of your tools like ladders and drills. Burglars are good at their jobs, so don’t make it easier.

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