Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

When thinking about bedroom design ideas for men, it is advisable to consider the possibility of going the contemporary way. This focuses on creating an environment that is clutter free and incorporates modern fabrics, simple artwork and sleek furniture to create an easy and soothing look. Men are know not to be very detailed oriented and so the easier the design, the better it is for them.


There are a couple of other ideas that come into come into play when deciding on the design concepts to use on men’s bedrooms and we will be highlighting them below. We hope that you can apply them in your own bedroom or for your clients.

1. Type of Furniture

The kind of furniture selected should have some clean lines and as little embellishment as possible. Wood tones such as natural or black can also work well for a man’s bedroom. A unified selection of furniture should be selected rather than missed pieces for the purpose of creating harmony. King size beds should also be purchased since they offer comfort to tall men.

Note that the size of the bed plays an important role in creating focal point in the bedroom. A chest should be placed at the end of the bed for storing extra blankets. If the wall opposite your bed has some space, a flat panel TV should be placed there and if this is not possible, an entertainment center can be added. Electronics in this case play the role of art in the room.

2. The Artwork

For a contemporary look, settle for artwork that is abstract and this can include white and black landscapes. Favorite photographs should be enlarged then printed on gray scale before they are matted then framed. These tend to come in handy as artwork that is inexpensive yet capable of transforming the bedroom.

3. Linens

When it comes to bedroom design ideas for men, colors play an important role and specially when choosing linen. While the color scheme should be soothing, it should also be masculine. Some of the colors that work in a superb manner include greens, blues, blacks and grays.

While browns can be used, it is ideal to note they only come in handy for the purpose of accenting the color. This is unless they come in rich chocolate or they get paired with some whites. The bed linings should comprise of a bed skirt, pillow shams and comforter.

When selecting bed skirt, settle for a tailored rather than a muffled one since it is more masculine. The window treatments should also be selected carefully and consist of valance and drapes. Note that blinds can be put to good use as well though they tend to add a touch of softness and refinement to the bedroom.

With these bedroom design ideas for men, it should be easy to find the perfect one that compliments your individual tastes and preferences.

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