Benefits of Tenex Treatment

If you are looking for orthopedic surgery in Clifton, NJ, then you have several options. One of them is getting a Tenex procedure.

Tenex is a treatment often used to relieve tendon damage. The treatment utilizes ultrasound technology to remove the damaged tissue from the part of your body experiencing pain.

Tenex treatment is usually used by those with chronic tendon pain issues. When medication or physical therapy are not viable options, then Tenex treatment might be the way to go.

The treatment has several benefits over regular surgery including:

Quick Recovery Time

Tenex treatment has a very quick recovery period, especially when compared with traditional surgery. The reason is that it uses ultrasound technology to rapidly vibrate and eliminate damaged or scarred tissues instead of deep incisions.

Most patients are able to drive themselves home after the Tenex procedure. However, it depends on the extent of the treatment.

The common amount of recovery time among patients is four to six weeks. After that, you will be as good as new and can return to your normal routine.

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Surgery is often the solution as it pertains to removing damaged tissue underneath the skin. In such surgeries, incisions a few inches deep may have to be made into your skin.

Such an invasive procedure tremendously increases the chances of something going wrong. Once you break the skin, you open up the body to attacks that were previously nonexistent.

Many patients say they barely feel any pain during the procedure. As a minimally invasive procedure that only causes a little pain, the Tenex procedure is a worthy alternative.

Restores Tendons to Normal

Other solutions such as physical therapy and traditional surgery may never return your painful tendons back to their former glory. In fact, they may instigate more changes to the area.

Tenex treatment restores your tendons to near normal after a few sessions. There is only a small incision made and the treatment only removes the damaged tissue, leaving only the healthy tissue that was previously present.

Therefore, anyone who used to perform physically rigorous activities can return to doing them. That can be beneficial to those who earn a living with their bodies such as athletes, dancers, and other performers.

Less Risk

When undergoing surgery to remove damaged deep tissue, you are most likely going to be put under. They will use general anesthesia to put you out.

There are several risks of using anesthesia before surgery. Your body may reject it which can cause serious complications.

You also have less chance of developing an infection where an incision was made with Tenex treatment. Such infections may worsen the problem or severely impede its resolution.

High Success Rate

Tenex treatment has a very impressive track record so far. It has been shown to comprehensively alleviate chronic pain in patients.

Tenex treatment is a long-term solution for chronic pain patients, unlike medicine or electrical stimulation. Once the damaged tissue from your tendons is removed, you will have to damage your tendon again for the treatment to fail.

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