The Benefits of using Water Softening Systems to Soften Hard Water

In order to understand the benefits of water softeners it is important to understand why hard water can be a nuisance. Hard water contains a high concentration of the minerals calcium and magnesium and has a high salt content resulting in lime scale and the buildup of scum on faucets and bathtubs. The larger problem associated with hard water is lime scale buildup in pipes. Lime scale hardens in hot water pipes causing a loss in heating efficiency as the pipe becomes more and more blocked over time. When the pipes become blocked appliances can become damaged resulting in costly and time consuming repairs to the pipes as well as the high cost of purchasing new appliances.

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Hard water can leave a residue on clothing, breakdown the finish on faucets, and leave rust colored rings in toilets. Soft water is gentler on plumping and it will not cause corrosion in pipes caused by hard water or destroy appliances. Soft water extends the life of clothing, pipes, and appliances and is much gentler on skin and hair. Instead of risking the damage of hard water turn hard water to soft water. In order to turn hard water soft there are several different measures that can be applied. Water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking systems, iron filtration systems are three approaches to eliminating the challenges associated with hard water.
Water softeners are units designed to eliminate minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, from hard waters. A water softening unit is connected to the main water system. The unit is designed to remove ions from the water. These ions cause the minerals in the water to harden in hot water instead of dissolving as with cold water. The minerals that are removed from the water will collect in the conditioning tank before being permanently flushed away. Softening salts are applied to the water softening unit. Rock salt, solar salt, and evaporated salt are three different types of salts used in water softeners.

Reverse osmosis drinking systems is a filter system designed to eliminate harmful minerals from hard water. Through reverse osmosis the hard water travels through multiple stage of filtration resulting in clean, soft drinking water. These state-of-the-art drinking water systems provide the purest form of water. Iron filtration systems are designed to remove high levels of iron from hard water. Iron can cause the water to harden resulting in corrosion. The iron filtration system removes rust and hydrogen sulfide from the water resulting in clearer and cleaner water. At Aqua Masters the customer will have the option of purchasing any of the three systems designed to eliminate the challenges associated with hard water.

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