Berkeley Duct Replacement Could Save You Thousands on Heating Bills

What you do not see, you do not think about. This is often true about ductworks. Since you do not see them, you do not think about them, practically forget about them after installation and when you are already enjoying the air conditioning that it brings to your home. Because ductworks are hidden behind the walls or above the ceilings, we often do not see how they are and in what status they are in after months or years when they were installed. Click here to learn more about ducts.

But whether we realize it or not or whether we think about or not or even check on them, they are doing hard work for your convenience. Plus, they age. As time goes by, they wear and tear. They develop cracks and leaks and before you realize, if you do not pay attention to these and do something about it, the hard work of transferring warm and cool air around your home will become a feat for these ductworks.

When this happens, it is now time to change your ducts with new ones. So what are the signs to look out for that will trigger you to replace your old ductworks?

Time to Change HVAC Ducts

You need to look, smell, listen and feel so you will know what to do. Your ducts will manifest any of the following:

Too Much Dust in Your Home:

You find your home unusually dusty when it was not before. Have you been sneezing frequently? Have you felt like your allergies have been triggered lately? All these are signs that possibly your ductworks have holes in them and the seal has been broken. If it is, then you should know that dust from outside is leaked into the inside. It could also be that the ducts carrying the exhaust leaks into your home. All these impact your health and air quality inside.

Presence of Mildew

A funny smell may come from the HVAC ducts would mean molds inside it. When it is warm, moisture will form and travel through the ductwork and condensation will occur inside. Frequent condensation causes molds to grow inside the ducts and this will result to blowing off of unhealthy air. Condensation can also be leaked through the cracks and holes in the ducts and can also cause molds in your walls, floors, or ceilings. Therefore, when you notice a funny smell in the air inside your homes, it is time to check on your ductworks. A professional HVAC service agent will have the right equipment that can check presence of molds in the ductworks.

HVAC Makes an Unusual Noise   

HVACs normally is not noisy, it produces a sound but not noise. When it sounds exceptionally noisy, it may be a sign that your ductworks are now problematic. When there is a problem like a leak or holes in the ductworks, your HVAC will be struggling to push air through, thus stressing the HVAC a driving up your power bills.

Inconsistent Temperature

If you feel like you have an inconsistent temperature inside your homes, this is also a sign that the HVAC ductworks are leaky. The inconsistent temperature is due to the insufficient air being pushed around due to holes or leaks in the ductwork. Again, when this happens, get professional help from professionals to address this problem immediately. You may use the Internet in browsing for sites to get the professional advice you will need.

The above signs and symptoms of issues in your HVAC and it need your attention and care. When you see any of these symptoms, do not attempt to go and check or make repairs yourself, you might make the problem worse instead of solve it. Get professional help so a thorough assessment can be done and you both can agree on what to do next. Most of the times, issues like these would need HVAC duct replacements, more than just minor repairs and upgrades.

Benefits of Duct Replacement

Benefits of Duct Replacement

Below are major advantages of hiring a HVAC professional when you ductworks become problematic:

Energy efficiency will be increased and electricity bills will be reduced. You might be surprised when after the ducts have been replaced, you will notice your electricity bills having a significant decrease. Leaks and holes will allow air to escape, hence, more energy is lost, and therefore more money is lost, too. Once the problem has been addressed, your HVAC will no longer need too much energy to function well, so therefore, less cost will be spent also.

Air quality is improved. There will be no more dust, no more allergies due to dust from the ductworks, and better health.

Temperature regulation is increased and consistent. Immediately after repair or replacement, a more consistent temperature will be noticed. When there are no more leaks, the air can actually be delivered consistently to all parts of your home.

Your HVAC system will have a longer life span. Clean and well-sealed ductworks eliminate the factors relative to elements that can possibly harm you and your family. Keeping your HVAC system healthy will prolong the life span and ensure efficiency of your unit. While repairs and maintenance is important to both to you and your HVAC system, it is not advisable to repair these yourself, especially when it is a home furnace repair, as it might put you and your family at risk when repairs are not done properly.

Needless to say, the ductwork of your HVAC system has a major effect on the comfort of your homes. Even if they are unseen, they work round the clock keeping you and your family comfortable and healthy. Thus, would also need attention from time to time.

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