Best Tire Storage Tips

People pay a lot of money for a set of tires; many people even have multiple sets depending on what kind of climate they live in. Storing them correctly is not only important to protect the financial investment made, but also, to protect the tires themselves. Tires are subject to many damaging factors including oxidization, ultraviolet rays and exposure to the ozone. Tires are also prone to deterioration if they aren’t used for a long time. By storing your tires properly, you can easily prolong their shelf-life and usability.

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Choosing the Storage Space

The first thing to consider is the environment in which the tires will be stored. Avoid storing tires around sources which produce ozone, which is an invisible gas put out by appliances that use alternating current (also known as AC) electric motors. These can include, but are not limited to: sump pumps, furnaces, dryers, and central vacuums. A good way to tell if something puts out ozone is to use your nose, as ozone is known for its unpleasant smell.Storing tires in ozone containing areas can cause premature aging to the tires — drying them out and causing fractures in the rubber.

You should also avoid storing your tires in an area where they would come into contact with petroleum, which is commonly found in fuel and asphalt. The ideal storage space would be an area containing a solid, clean, wooden floor.Make sure that this area is easily accessible, large enough to maneuver around freely, and has plenty of space for however many tires you need to put away.

The storage environment, ideally, should stay at a median temperature, not too cold or hot. Tires can actually freeze if left in cold environments. If there are temperature extremes in the storage space, it can cause warping, cracks, or fractures to the rubber of the tires. Also check the area for pests such as rats or mice before settling on a storage space, as these pests may chew at the rubber, create nests in your tires, or leave behind droppings which are unsanitary.

How to Store

The next thing to consider is how the tires are going to be stored. For tires, vertical storage is recommended. Storing tires vertically will cause less tire stress and greatly reduce the chance of the tires distorting or warping. If you cannot or do not wish to store your tires vertically, make sure they are piled no higher than 3.3 feet. This is the maximum storage height as recommended by the Sentry on Tire and Wheel Storage. Tires stacked any higher than this pose a much greater risk of toppling over and causing injury to not only any unlucky passerby but also damage to the tire itself.

What Kind of Tires are you Storing?

The next thing to think about is: what kind of tires are going to be stored away? There are many different kinds of tires for everything from bicycles to lawn tractors, to sports utility vehicles, all of which come with their own special storage instructions. However, if you happen to have white sidewalls on your tires, take extra care to make sure that you store them with the white edges facing toward each other. If stored in this manner, they will resist staining. If storing multiple sets of similar tires, try to store them together so that you don’t get them mixed up.

Additional Protection

For those people interested in additional protection, many retailers offer storage bags made specifically for tires. These bags vary in size and price, as well as material, so it advisable to check with several different retailers to explore the options.You can also buy lawn bags which are typically used for gardening. These bags are typically made from a polyethylene material and stave off harm caused by oxygen and ozone If you using a tire or gardening bag for additional protection during storage,make sure that the bag is securely closed and taped shut. This will prevent additional moisture and pests from reaching your tires while they are stored away.

The lifespan and usability of tires can be greatly extended by following these tips. A set of tires is a costly investment, but if they are stored properly, you can easily get your money’s worth!

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