Build a Home to Spend Your Youth and Lifetime Happily

We all want to build a home all by ourselves either for ourselves alone or for a family. The economic situation and price of real estate in most countries don’t allow us to fulfill this dream any time before middle age. However, if we plan right, we can actually achieve the goal of getting a new house within our thirties itself!

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Depending on loans

Taking a home loan is inevitable in most cases but most of the cost being paid by the loan would mean you will have to spend quite a few years more worrying about loan repayment. Planning in advance for the construction can actually help you reduce the whole cost by quite a percentage so that you need less home loan and have more peace.

Tips for cost-effective construction

The aim is to get a decent home built as early as possible to run you all your life. For that you need to pay attention to a few factors like:

  • Design of the house:

    • A ranch-style house that has just four walls with a medium-pitched roof above can have everything you need and still take minimum space. Skip the curves and arches as that takes extra labor cost. Get the standard walls of 8 feet because higher the walls greater the cost.
  • Lavish designs:

    • If you hope to get a house with turrets and vaulted ceilings and also an indoor swimming pool, the cost will obviously be more than that of a simple home but you can build the most cost-effective lavish house by keeping the area small and the heights relatively shorter. The swimming pool can be on the terrace so that you need lesser space and the house is more beautiful as well. You can utilize the services of reliable heating and cooling installation contractors such as heating contractors London.
  • Location:

    • If you choose a neighborhood that has a Home Owners Association, check with the design restrictions and find out if those restrictions put in order to maintain symmetry throughout the neighborhood will raise the cost of construction. Avoid the neighborhood if necessary. Avoid the heart of the city; go for the nearest suburban locations. Starting out early helps you choose a neighborhood you would like socially as well as financially.
  • Specify your requirements:

    • Specify all your interior and exterior material requirements in a detailed bid sheet before the prints are formulated. Specify the dimensions of the bricks and walls, cabinets and shingles and mention that faucets and light fixtures should be left up to the homeowner.
  •  Get cost-effective material:

    • You can reduce the material costs by 15% of the total cost by getting a bulk order at a reputed local lumberyard instead of going for the big chains. The quality of the material will be as good as that in big chains only allowing you to avoid the cost of the big names.

The key to building a house in the minimum price possible and live life in peace is to start planning early so that you can choose the locality you want and also so that you need not discard ideas after execution has begun.

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