Can you Fix your Boiler from Watching YouTube Videos

Winter is here, Christmas is knocking at the door screaming rise and shine, the winter festivities are hence begun. With the beginning of the winter season which comes with a spirit of prosperity comes chilly waves from the Arctic which if not taken seriously can hamper your holidays severely. The indication merely is towards one’s preparation for the upcoming festival, and by the festival, it does not mean that buying the turkey and getting new warm clothes will be enough.

The indication is towards the most critical asset to one’s life in winters and, i.e. a ‘Boiler’ which controls most of the heating applications of one’s household. Keeping the place warm and getting hot water are two essential amenities that can be turned into the most precious assets in the chilling winters if one does not make sure that the boiler is working correctly. It all depends upon the boiler as it lets you sit in comfort at all times, anything can be done soothingly in an environment where people are not shivering or just walking wrapped up in quilts. It is a bound to follow task for people to check their boilers just before the festive month for a warm and happy winter.

Dropping Temperature, Rising Crisis

Indeed they are, In a recent report, British Gas confirmed that they dealt with 1.25million boiler breakdowns last winter, with 104 calls for help coming in per second during the beast from the east cold snap. The Beast from the East saw temperatures drop below -10C in March with British Gas receiving calls thirteen times more than the usual call volumes. According to a breakdown crisis that happened last month it has been claimed by British Gas that more than 71,500 homes will need help with broken heating and water systems.

Can Internet Help?

It can be considered that the internet has proven to be an asset to almost everyone around the planet but fixing a boiler is a whole different thing. Whereas, there are a few pointers that can be checked to resolute the minute problems or maybe to diagnose the issues at times when gas engineers can reach to the one in grave danger. One of the main things to check while diagnosing a problem is to check the pressure valve in front of the boiler; if the pressure is below 1, you can try and reset your boiler from a reset button which is at the bottom of the boiler.

Some websites can guide you through all of the DIY steps to be followed to fix the minute problems of your boiler. However, everyone is not that handy in following steps from a YouTube video and implement it on their boiler. One of the significant things to be kept in mind is that it is a flammable product that we are talking about and engineers are given specialized training to diagnose the problems and accomplish the tasks. Hence, it has been seen that 9 out of 10 people prefer calling a gas engineer instead of getting their hands dirty and their heads messy.

Be Prepared or Call for Help

Well, despite plenty of content available on the web that can guide you to diagnose the issue with your boiler, it is recommended that everyone should get it checked before the start of winters. Boilers are complicated and dangerous and cannot be repaired as anyone can fix a wall clock or a broken toaster. These days a lot of names in the gas industry has emerged to give ease to the consumers that are just dependent upon British Gas, one of the names that can provide you a soothing consumer experience is 1st Choice Gas Services Ltd which can be called at the doorstep via a call and have well-certified engineers working for them. The weather is continuously changing for the worst; the temperature can be seen falling rapidly every year and the best way to counter it to be prepared rather than watching videos in freezing cold to do the task of a professional.

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