Choosing the Best Garage Door motor for Your Needs

A huge number of people take a lot longer to select the best garage door motor for their needs these days. This is primarily due to the large availability of garage door motor brands, as well as the huge numbers of suppliers for you to select from. This is often what people called analysis where there is too much information just to obtain a sound decision.


There are certain ways on how to deal with such a concern. An effective tip is to keep it simple, but there are certain factors you need to consider such as: reliability, stability, ease of maintenance as well as safety. Your choice will also depend on the type of garage door you wanted as well as the installation method you choose. Lastly, you also need to consider more on the course of your budget to purchase the best garage door automation.

Here are some of the things you need to consider towards a proper decision and will help you in saving a lot of time:

Type of Drive to Select


There are different types of drives as far as garage door motors are concerned, and three of the most common are: the belt, screws and chain drive motors. When it comes to the bell type, it primarily operated with the use of a belt. This is also considered to be the quietest kind of garage door motor and most expensive. Belt driven motors are rarely used in South Africa.

The screw type is the oldest as well as the noisiest motor available. This is because the bushes, guiding the shaft, quickly wear out. Once this happens the motor becomes extremely noisy.

The chain type is quiet, as it revolves around a sprocket on either side of the draw bar. The main benefits of this controller are that there are few moving parts, requires least maintenance and is cost effective.

Power of the Motor

The next thing you need to consider is the power and pulling strength of the garage door motor. Well, its power depends greatly on its motor size as well as electric current. In South Africa, the law governs that all motors must not exceed a certain newton meter-age of pulling strength. For this reason we only use SABS approved products.

Choice of Supplier

Lastly, you need to choose the best supplier of the garage door automation. You need to know that the time, money and effort you are going to spent on the motor will be all worth it knowing that they can lend you the best garage door motor for the convenience and safety of your garage door at home.

We only use suppliers that offer the best after sales service, and availability of parts for your motor, at the most cost effective prices.

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