Compassionate Integrative Oncology Specialist in Utah

Cancer is a chronic disease that requires access to quality medical attention using highly individualized treatment procedures. Integrative Medica is a comprehensive practice offering integrative oncology in Utah. Dr. Jake Schmutz is at the helm of the practice and leads a team of knowledgeable and qualified personnel. Integrative Oncology uses traditional cancer treatments in conjunction with alternative therapeutic services such as ozone therapy, lifestyle changes, glutathione, and more to provide effective patient-centered treatments. Restore and enhance your life quality by scheduling for consultation with Salt Lake City integrative oncology specialists today through mobile or book online.

What Is Integrative Oncology?

Integrative Oncology involves incorporating holistic, alternative, and complementary therapies with conventional treatment options to help in cancer treatment. This combined approach aims at treating cancer, diminishing or relieving symptoms, and enhancing wellness. It also restores the quality of life and builds a healthy mindset.

Integrative oncology focuses on a holistic approach. It does address not only cancer but also the patient’s emotional, psychological, and overall health. The customized treatment plan will help patients develop stronger emotional and physical health, not to mention boosting their body’s immunity.

Proper therapeutic services help patients undergoing cancer treatment. In addition to therapies and medication, Integrative oncology offers preventive cancer measures to avoid a second phase.

Why Integrative Oncology Treatment?

Integrative Oncology can help a cancer patient in various ways. These include stress relief, managing fatigue, and pain, enhancing cancer treatments’ efficiency, for instance, radiation and chemotherapy. Also, it helps with reducing side effects accompanied by conventional treatment procedures such as chemotherapy.

For those who prefer natural treatment options, Integrative oncology helps strengthen and support the body’s immunity. Patients who do not respond well with conventional therapies can also opt for integrative oncology.

What Are The Treatment Options In Integrative Oncology?

Dr. Schmutz is board-certified and has quite an amount of experience in cancer treatment. He works with a team of professionals to perform proper diagnostic procedures before recommending any form of treatment. These procedures include physical examinations, lab tests, and medical cross-checks. The customized Integrative oncology treatment plant comprises several therapies.

These include Mistletoe therapy, Botanical medicine, Ozone therapy, IV artesunate, IV glutathione, Vitamins, and Supplements. Other therapeutic services include medical nutrition, ultraviolet blood irradiation, lifestyle changes, sleep and stress management, soft-tissue manipulation, and more. The professionals spend time with each patient, taking them through various options and helps them to select the best. To determine if you are the right candidate for any of the treatments, reach out to the facility.

What Are the Benefits of Integrative Oncology?

Integrative oncology offers a wide range of benefits. Patients can receive compassionate care from neuropathic doctors. Additionally, it is a more convenient treatment option having lesser side effects and risks.

Integrative oncology enhances the body’s natural processes and systems through added nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins. It also supports detoxification and manages cancer symptoms and pain associated with conventional treatments.

In conclusion, Integrative Medica is a state-of-the-art practice offering safe and effective Integrative Oncology procedures. For customized and exceptional integrative oncology, schedule for consultation through mobile call or request online.

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