Cool Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

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Keeping your home safe is probably one of your top priorities, if not the most important one. You need to protect your family and home, including all your possessions. But whenever you need to do something, there’s no point doing it halfway. Modern technology has made all sorts of things possible, including protecting your home in new ways. There are lots of cool gadgets you can use to provide extra protection to your home for your peace of mind. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home safe, try these modern inventions to allow you to stop worrying.


Digital Peephole

Peepholes are useful for checking who’s outside before you open the door. You can use them to ignore salespeople, strangers or just anyone you don’t want to talk to. Plus, you can get a glimpse of anyone who might be outside looking suspicious. But who wishes to press their face up against the front door, or even get up off the sofa? If you want to make things easier, a digital peephole is the modern way to peek outside your front door. The camera sends its feed to a digital viewer, which you can put where you like to keep an eye on things.


Hidden Wall Safe

Perhaps it’s not the most modern of inventions, but who hasn’t dreamed of having a secret safe? You can hide a safe behind a painting and pretend that you’re in a movie. But that’s not the only place you can put one. A dummy electric socket or light switch also gives you somewhere to put a safe. It could also be behind an air vent, a TV or an electric fireplace. You could have a removable panel or wallpaper that you can peel back to reveal the safe. It’s a great place to keep some of your valuables, from jewelry to documents.


Smart Security System

The ultimate way to protect your whole home is to have a security system. If you want to make your home more advanced with smart technology, you’re in luck. You can get a smart security system that allows you to keep an eye on your home through your mobile device. You can read about one of these systems at It enables you to stay in contact with your security system when you’re away from home. You can receive alerts when anything happens, such as the motion sensor detecting movement. You can even get a picture of your home so you can see if anyone’s there.


Invisible Burglar Bars

Many localities and neighborhoods need bars on the windows of homes for protection. For example, they’re common in certain parts of the US and South Africa. But these bars can look hideous and ruin the aesthetic of your home. Luckily, there is now an alternative so that your protective bars are less obvious. You can now have “invisible” bars made from transparent polycarbonate, which are much less obtrusive. The material is still tough and will protect your home, but it will be harder to tell that they’re there.


Home security is now much more sophisticated than it once was. And it will continue to get more advanced as technology improves.

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