Creating a Traditional Family Kitchen

modern kitchenThe kitchen is the central hub of most families. The place where many choose to eat, to partake in conversation and to entertain family and friends. With this particular area of the house potentially attracting the majority of visitors it’s essential that the kitchen is designed to the highest possible standard. Whilst some are looking to modernise the rest of the house, many still believe that the kitchen should retain traditional family values. Here we look at how you can achieve such a look.


Explore and Research


When considering what style of traditional kitchen to opt for, do some research in advance. This should mean that there are no last minute, expensive alterations. Beautiful, traditional kitchens can take many forms, from natural wood finishes to the classic white kitchen. Take inspiration from the internet and trade-specific literature. Could a number of combinations be made from several kitchens to achieve the exact style you are going for? If you don’t conduct this prior research you may be disappointed with the overall result.


The Beauty Is In The Detail


To get that unique and homely touch requires close attention to detail. It’s all too easy to find a prefab kitchen that ‘does the job’ but contains no personal touches. Opting for an antique glaze finish on cabinets will make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the crowd whilst obtaining that family home kitchen which is so desired. Features such as this may require a professional touch but enable you to have more creative control over the finished product. To attenuate and bring out this finery, consider installing a box beam ceiling. This really enhances the rest of the kitchen by creating the illusion of space.


Exterior Finishes


With modern kitchens we expect flat panel drawers and cupboard exteriors. When looking at images of kitchens from the 50s and 60s, you instantly notice the raised panels on all the kitchen cupboards. This extra detail really adds to the personal touches expected from a traditional kitchen.


Kitchen Appliances


Traditionally styled appliances are back. Think aga style cookers and larders. Not only are such appliances environmentally friendly, they look good and save you money in the long term with regards to gas and electricity bills. Where before, kitchens were made up of the basic essentials, we now have the luxury of adding appliances that can make lives that little bit easier. During the research stages think about kitchen appliances and how they will fit with the overall style and design. Many top brands have a classic style range of appliances that can be incorporated into a traditionally themed kitchen.


Author Bio

Lisa Duncan works as an interior designer specialising in classic home designs from the 1960s. Lisa predicts appliances such as aga style cookers will become more prevalent throughout kitchens across the UK.

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