Dashboard Confessional They Have Stolen the Hearts of Millions

Dashboard Confessional: They Have Stolen the Hearts of Millions

Dashboard Confessional is a Florida-based alternative rock band was the brainchild of then Further Seems Forever vocalist Chris Carrabba. It was intended to be a solo project, as it was evident to its stripped down LP ‘The Swiss Army Romance.’ The only sounds that you will hear from the songs on the album are Carrabba’s singing and his acoustic guitar. The name of the band was said to be from a song entitled ‘The Sharp Hint of New Tears,’ which is on their first full length album.

Following his first solo project, Carrabba joined his band mates in Further Seems Forever to record their first album. After the album came to fruition, he decided to quit the band to focus on his second Dashboard Confessional album. ‘The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most’ was his second LP, followed by an EP titled ‘So Impossible.’ All of those three albums were starting to gain some attention and many started listening to the songs and buying the records.

When 2002 arrived, Carrabba decided to include some musicians to the fold. He picked Jerry Castellanos, a former bandmate from Further Seems Forever and two other musicians to work on the next album with a full band set up. As months passed by, Dashboard Confessional has established a name for itself as one of the leaders in the alternative/acoustic rock scene. MTV asked Carrabba to perform on their show MTV Unplugged. This was the very first time listeners had the chance to hear some of his songs together with bass and drums. Moreover, the video for the single ‘Screaming Infidelities’ won two awards and propelled the band to new heights.

The following year saw the release of the third album entitled ‘A Mark, a Mission, a Brand, a Scar,’ which skyrocketed itself to the number two spot of Billboard’s Top 200 album charts. It sold many copies and the singles from it was a standard favorite among radio stations and music TV channels.

When Spider Man 2(the full length film) was in the works, Dashboard Confessional was asked to create and record a song for it. Carrabba wrote ‘Vindicated,’ which was used as the end credits soundtrack for the film. The inclusion of this song to their album was very beneficial, as it gave them new fans and listeners worldwide.

By 2005, the band released ‘Dusk and Summer,’ their fourth studio album. After the release, they supported it with a string of gigs and concerts around the U.S. This was followed by the release of follow up albums like ‘The Shade of Poison Trees’ in 2007 and ‘Alter the Ending’ in 2009.

Notable Songs by Dashboard Confessional:

  • Screaming Infidelities
  • Hands Down
  • Sharp Hint of New Tears
  • Vindicated
  • Stolen
  • Rooftops and Invitations
  • Reason to Believe
  • Belle of the Boulevard
  • Saints and Sailors

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