Dealing with Shoulder and Elbow Injuries

You may never realize how much you depend on your shoulder and elbow until you get injured. Injuries to the shoulder and elbow may result from repetitive motion due to sports and work-related activities. An injury could also be a result of arthritis and accidents which result in pain, stiffness, and restriction of shoulder movements. An orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon in La Jolla can help diagnose and treat shoulder injuries. You should book an appointment first before visiting your shoulder and elbow surgeon.

Common Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is a mobile joint and helps you accomplish most of the daily activities; the joint has a complex network of tendons, muscles, and the bone that facilitate the movement. Some of the problems associated with shoulder injury include instability, impingement, rotator cuff tears, tendonitis, bursitis, fractures, and arthritis. Most of the issues associated with repetitive movement and athletes are most affected by shoulder injuries.

Symptoms of Shoulder Injury

If you develop shoulder injury, it might be difficult to move your arm normally, and you may have a stiff shoulder and occasionally feel pain. Some people say that they felt that their shoulder could pop out of the socket or their shoulder might not feel strong enough to carry the weight that is used to carry normally. Slight shoulder issues might be treated at home; place ice on the shoulder, rest for a few days and you may bandage the shoulder to give it support. Some injuries need professional help, and you should not neglect your shoulder as this might cause further damage.

When to Seek Professional Help

  • You cannot use your shoulder at all
  • Intense pain
  • Your shoulder is swollen
  • Your elbow and arm are weak and numb
  • Your shoulder looks deformed

How to Treat Shoulder and Elbow Injuries

You should opt for home treatment if your shoulder is not badly injured. Still, if your shoulder is injured, you should seek some non-invasive treatments such as immobilization and compression, which involves bandaging the shoulder. You can take medication to treat infections that are caused by bacteria. Your doctor might also recommend anti-inflammatory injections and reparative orthopedics.

You might wish to have shoulder instability procedures that restore the shoulder into its original position if they had popped out of their socket. You can also have bone-preserving shoulder arthroplasty to treat arthritis. Sometimes you may even wish to have full and partial shoulder replacement if you are extremely injured.

Shoulder Exercise

Exercising may restore the health of your shoulders, making the muscles around the shoulder region strong and flexible. You should, however, avoid exercising if you still have pain. Warm-up the muscles before trying any exercise, make gentle moves that do not harm you further. You can take a warm shower instead of exercise as this is a way to warm your shoulders too.


The shoulder is a crucial part of the body, and most people fail to recognize this until they get injured. Your shoulder may become stiff and numb or painful when you become injured. Try home remedies first before consulting shoulder and elbow experts. Be careful not to neglect a shoulder injury as this can reduce the quality of your life; make an appointment with a shoulder expert today.

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