Deciding When Its Time To Replace Your Carpet

It can be really hard to part with something we’ve grown fond of, and it’s even more painful if the item has served us for a long while; however, everything that has a beginning must have an end, and that includes our carpets. Luckily, carpets, unlike clothes, don’t relinquish their appeal with every shift in trends or fashion. A carpet may serve for many years, even as newer carpet fabrics and designs are invented or discovered.

We should always consider the environment when disposing of an old carpet. Incineration is the best way to get rid of any type of carpet material without worrying about the effects it might have on the environment, especially if it’s made from synthetic fibers that don’t decompose easily. You may also choose to sell it to someone else, but some carpets after years of use are so worn and stained that selling them may be unlikely. Tough dirt and challenging stains might force you to replace your carpets because of the lowered appeal of carpets with ugly spots and wear marks. Selling such carpets can be challenging, so it’s better to either burn them or find a more practical use for them. If all efforts to clean a carpet have failed, you’ll definitely want to find new carpet.

A carpet’s durability and frequency of use determine the time when it needs to be replaced. No matter how careful you are with your carpet, it’s bound to wear out in the long run.  You should also note that misuse of a carpet can reduce its longevity. Placing a low-traffic carpet in a room that has high traffic, for example, is certain to result in a need for early replacement. The products you use to clean your carpet also determine the durability of your carpet. It’s high time to replace your carpet when it becomes so faded or worn that it passes its capability to serve you.

It’s always wise to take care of your carpet so that it serves you well; however, unavoidable circumstances might cause irreparable damage to your carpet. For example, your carpet might be damaged by a flood.  Either the carpet fibers might be damaged by a long soaking, or it might grow mold that permanently discolors the carpet. Molds are not easily cleaned, and some of them pose health hazards to you and your family; therefore it’s wise to replace your carpets whenever they grow mold in them.

If your carpet damage is covered by a warranty, you may be able to cover some of all of the replacement costs involved. A large tear in your carpet can be very unfortunate, and a carpet with accidental burn spots is unlikely to be fully repairable, so it’s good to replace such carpets.

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