Decluttering Made Simple: 5 Pitfalls of Junk Removal and How to Avoid Them

Most people have way too many belongings. When the mess grows to more than they have room to store, it’s a good idea to declutter the home. Decluttering is more than just organizing the items in the home and involves tough decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of. When decluttering, there are five common pitfalls to watch out for and avoid.

Only Getting Rid of Trash

It’s easy to get rid of any trash in the home, like old boxes for items that are no longer under warranty. However, it’s far more difficult to get rid of belongings that might be in good shape but just aren’t needed. When decluttering, avoid simply moving belongings around and keeping everything. If something isn’t needed, it can be thrown out, donated, or recycled. Read more from Dump Squad to learn about getting rid of belongings that aren’t needed anymore.

Keeping Things Just in Case

When it comes to items that haven’t been used in years, it can be difficult to get rid of things that might come in handy someday. However, these items haven’t been used and are just collecting dust. If there’s an actual plan to use the item in the near future, they might be worth keeping. If there’s no plan in sight, it’s better to get rid of the items. A newer version can be purchased or borrowed later if the item is actually needed.

Purchasing Items to Help Organize

Many people who start decluttering get caught up in organizing everything. They might run out and purchase items to help with organization, like boxes to put everything in. This doesn’t actually help, though, and just means there’s now more stuff in the house. Instead, go through and declutter everything before thinking about organization. This helps to make sure things aren’t needed will be gone, not stuffed into a box and kept in storage.

Postponing Hard Decisions

Should something be kept or can it be thrown out? While it’s easy to answer this question for a lot of items, there are many that might not have a clear answer. Don’t simply put these items aside and decide to think more about them later. Thinking about them will lead to keeping the items even if they aren’t really needed. Instead, make a decision quickly and then move on to the next spot that needs to be decluttered.

Not Getting Decluttered Items Out of the House

Boxes easily get filled with items to be thrown out, recycled, or donated when someone is decluttering properly. However, another mistake that’s easy to make is to leave those boxes sitting around. Anything that needs to be removed from the home should be taken out of the house as quickly as possible. A junk removal company can be scheduled to pick everything up so the boxes don’t just sit around and the decluttered items don’t end up back in the house taking up space again.

Decluttering takes some time, but it doesn’t have to be hard if you know how to do it the right way. If you’re ready to start decluttering your home, contact a junk removal company to schedule a time to pick up anything you don’t need. Then, start working on your home one room at a time, getting rid of anything that’s not needed and following the advice here to avoid common pitfalls.

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