Designing a Home for the Future

The old saying that the customer is always right has never been truer than it is today. Companies that design and manufacture kitchen appliances are increasingly driven to invent and create gadgets that customers want to buy. Now, more than ever, design and production is driven by public demand.


One of the ways that companies produce desirable items that customers, and particularly home owners, want to buy is to include their preferences in the design process. Some companies even invite customers to submit proposals for particular designs. Whilst some of these new gadgets are incredibly useful, some are just a little to futuristic for current consumers.



An increasing number of people now have steamers in their kitchen. Shiny, stainless steel steamers are very popular, especially as more people are looking for healthier ways to cook and eat their food. When you use a steamer, soggy, over cooked vegetables are a thing of the past – which means that the vitamins in food are preserved.



Meneghini La Cambusa Fridge

If you are looking for space saving, futuristic kitchen equipment, the Meneghini La Cambusa Fridge is the ultimate in this type of design. More than a fridge, the canny design of the Meneghini La Cambusa, is virtually a self contained kitchen. This fridge has a wooden exterior and is made up of different modules. Modules for this fridge include a multi-function oven, and even a television! Prices start at $25,000 – fairy reasonable for a full kitchen!


21st Century Coffee

The Perfecto coffee machine can give you a steaming cup of cappuccino or espresso at the push of a button. The space age design of this machine means you can set your beverage to the strength that you prefer. This means that your after-dinner cup won’t send you through the rafters but you can still count on your Monday morning mug to keep you buzzing until lunchtime.


Smoothie to Go

If you love healthy smoothies then the Kenwood Smoothie machine is for you. Stuff all of the good things in, blend, and you’re left with a delicious, nutritious drink that makes getting your five a day a breeze. This particular smoothie maker also doubles as a flask so you can just blend and go!


Zip Taps

If you are tired of waiting for the kettle to boil, then zip taps are the answer. A zip tap has different settings so you can produce ice cold or boiling water straight from the tap. This could save you some serious time in the morning as you have instant access to boiling water for tea. Boiling water on tap, to coin a phrase, means you’re no longer twiddling your thumbs while the water boils.


Touch and Go

Tired of can openers that don’t do the job properly? All you have to do with the Touch and Go can opener is place it on top of the can, press a button, and watch it do the work. The can opener comes in a range of colours so you should find one to suit your needs, and match your colour scheme.



Tefal’s Toast ‘n’ Egg

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but carving out time in your schedule to eat a balanced breakfast can be more of a hindrance than a help.


For those who are determined to get the first meal of the day out of the way, how about giving Tefal’s Toast ‘n’ egg a go. This nifty machine not only toasts your bread, it can poach an egg or boil as many as four eggs at the same time. If you really want to save time in the morning then this is for you as it can deliver your breakfast in a just four minutes, leaving you plenty of time to make a smoothie or simply sit down and enjoy a civilised breakfast experience.


 Author Bio:

This article was written by Lauren Roitman who works for Appliance City.

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