Desire To Eliminate Bed Bugs From Home, Heed These Measures

Bugs! Even their names are enough for goosebumps. And imagine if they are inside your house how unpleasant you would feel. Obviously, unhealthy and horrifying.

Bed bugs are generally small in size, smaller even than a piece of a pencil eraser. Also, they reproduce quickly and can live for months in between a meal, which helps them avoid detection. Apart from this, they are known for traveling, and once they are in your house, they feed the sweat, blood, CO2 of humans or animals to survive forever. But here’s something.

Where do they come from?

Well, bed bugs come from the outdoors. This doesn’t mean that they cover lots of miles to enter the home. It indicates that they come up when you go out and stay in a hotel room, or your friend’s room or even when you bring used furniture at home. Apart from this, they can also come from your neighborhood through the holes or the wall cracks.

Signs of Infestation

Bites on skin

One of the indications of an infestation is the bites on the skin.

Rusty stains

If you notice any kind of red or rust stains on your skin, it is a clear indication of bedbugs.


Due to their small size, it can be troublesome to detect them, but you can easily find them on the furniture, beds or carpets.

Apart from this, if you see black spots or any sort of tiny insect moving, it may be a sign of bed bugs.

Now that you know about the signs of the bed bugs and where they come from, you would be curious to know how to eliminate them. So without beating about the bush, let’s take a peek at the measures you can take to eliminate the bed bugs.

Vacuum clean everything

Eliminate clutter and vacuum the complete home entirely. This assures that you eliminate the bed bugs as well as their eggs. Make certain to vacuum-clean all of the furniture, beddings, curtains, cases, racks, and rugs. Bed bugs prefer to cover themselves in dark places, so make sure to use the hose on your vacuum cleaner to absorb them up in dark recesses and holes.

Non-chemical methods of eliminating bugs

From the name, it is clear that no chemicals are being used for eliminating the bed bugs. Here are some of the non-chemical methods:- Heat treatment, Cold treatment, and Steam treatment.

Heat treatment

For this, you can make use of a cloth dryer that has a maximum efficiency of heat. Also, you can make use of a portable heat chamber, plastic bags, etc. Always keep in mind that while using such treatments, make sure that the temperature of the heat should be at the peak, otherwise the treatment won’t work efficiently. When properly set up with the heating equipment, use them adequately towards the cracks and the holes of the house.

Cold treatment

This type of treatment can be useful only if the freezer is set to a 0ºF. You need to leave the objects in a sealed case in the freezer at that temperature for almost 3-4 days. Perpetually use a thermostat to monitor the temperature, because home freezers are not eternally set to 0ºF.

Steam cleaners

It can be used both as wet or dry. All you have to do is put the steam cleaners into the splits and frameworks to treat carpets, baseboards, and other furniture. The steam temperature must be at least 130ºF but should not have a powerful airflow, or it may cause bed bugs to scatter. In order to avoid scattering, you can use a diffuser.

Also, in order to implement these techniques more efficiently, and eliminate the bugs properly, you can seek help from the professionals. They may better solve all your problems. Now there may be a question arising in your mind about how to choose the perfect bed bug elimination company. Well, you can take help from your friends, relatives or can seek a solution on the internet. While searching for a bed bug elimination company on the internet go through the reviews testimonials and every detail. And once done with the investigation, choose one gently and ask this company to guide you and fulfill all your requirements. By doing this, all your problems will be solved easily and you won’t end up in a mess later on.

Chemical methods of elimination

Bicarbonate of soda

Composing a blend of bicarbonate of soda and spraying it on the areas hit by bed bugs is one of the methods of eliminating them. This is because the mixture dehydrates the skin of the bugs and sometimes cuts them.

Tea tree essential oils

Tea tree oil is utilized in several house solutions, particularly those concerning bugs. And when it comes to bed bugs, tea tree oil not just serves to eliminate them, but additionally mask the human scents which regularly draw them the most. Apart from this, tea tree oil is easy to get, and a cheap solution to an infestation.

In order to use it, all you have to do is dilute 20-25 drops of all-natural, pure tea tree oil with water and sprinkle it on the affected areas.


These are substances that are mostly used to damage the outer coating of the bugs. Once this coating is damaged, the bugs drain and die. Here are some of the examples of desiccants, silica aerogel, and diatomaceous earth. One of the prominent benefits of desiccants is that bed bugs can’t grow to such substance, but these substances act slowly. Also, these substances may take even a few weeks to remove all the bugs.

Foggers or bug bombs

Definitely, they are useful in killing the bugs, but they cannot be inserted inside the wall cracks and holes. One can use them in open spaces to completely eliminate the bugs.

These are some of the measures that can help you in eliminating the bed bugs.

For efficient bug elimination always take the help of a professional or company who has years of experience in it.

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