DIY Interior Designing Do’s and Don’ts

Art can be formless, but when incorporating art into your home through interior designing, you’d want to guide your crazy creativity.

Treat your home as a blank canvas, but add some limitations. These limitations are set by your needs as a homeowner and the needs of your residents — your family.

Here are some interior designing DOs and DONTs you should follow:


1. Do What You Like

Don’t let trends decide for you. You should decide for yourself.

Trends aren’t always right and nice, sometimes they’re simply hyped up fads. Go for the color that you love. Pick a design that you’d want to see everyday.

2. Personalize Your Space

Truly connect yourself with your home by decorating it with things that describe your personality. Let colorful paintings talk about how a jolly person you are. Your visitors should be able to tell that it truly is your home the moment they’ve entered the front doors.

3. Ask For Expert Advice

You may think you know what you like, but once you hear from the renovations experts, you’ll surely change your mind. Work with a seasoned interior designer or take a look at their works.

4. Prioritize Your Needs

Your home must be able to provide you comfort. You should be able to work, eat, sleep and play in your home. Don’t let the design aspect of your home takeover its functionality. At the end of the day, your home must still function like how a home works.

5. Consider Your Visitors

One of your goals may be to personalize your home, but you should allot a space for visitors. This space should be warm and cozy — perfect for gatherings. This space surely is your living room, but it could also be your backyard if you have one.


1. Don’t Expect Everything to Look Nice in an Instant

Bought pillows you like and they don’t seem to blend well with your living room? Don’t throw them out! Try to keep them there until you’re done with the background. Once everything is in place, it’s time to take a look once again. Do they blend in now?

2. Avoid Spontaneous Buying

Don’t go shopping before planning. Otherwise, you’d be buying a lot of stuff that could only go to waste. Plan before you shop. Layout the rooms of your home and make a list of furniture that will fit every space, then you can go to the furniture store.

3. Don’t Aim to Impress

It’s just a big NO when decorating your OWN home. Make sure that you’re trying to please yourself and not others. Well, you’d want to give them a piece of the fun, but keep the majority of the home to yourself.

4. Don’t Match Everything

A room in only one color is plain overwhelming. Don’t try to match everything! If your favorite color is blue and you decide to color your bedroom’s walls blue… don’t get a blue bed, blue pillows, blue bedside tables, blue everything! Try a little contrast. Mix things up.

5. Don’t Over Decorate

You can have fun, but don’t get carried away. Decorating is a stress-reliever, but don’t let the decorations stress you out when you see the bigger picture. As much as possible, keep everything simple. Always take a step back and see if you’re doing things right.

Your home is your safe haven….

Make it your own. Decorate your home in a way that you’ll be comfortable, relaxed and happy whenever you’re in it. Always let functionality control the pace of your interior designing. Think long term.

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