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The majority of us have the dream of the ‘perfect’ lifestyle; the huge, lavish house with an epic sea or city view, the garage full of luxury super cars, the games room with an indoor pool to boot. Sadly for the majority of us this is just a fantasy. Most of us will never stop aiming for that lifestyle though. So what’s wrong with fantasizing about it!? If you are lucky enough to have this already then you will have surely had the nightmare of something going wrong, the disaster scenarios which can turn the dream into a living nightmarish reality.

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Although we enjoy great weather all year round in Australia, there are those times when the rain comes with a vengeance. When those times arrive you don’t want any flooding to affect your garage or driveway and reaching those super cars you have parked up! Remember that episode of Friends where the Porsche was protected with the boxes of Monica’s childhood memories? The resulting aftermath of doing anything to keep that car safe essentially destroyed valuable family possessions. You can avoid that sort of problem with the right drainage systems to protect yourself, your garage and your cars from the damaging effects of rainwater.


The benefits of having a luxury house are obvious. Maybe you have a garden area filled with everything to make the perfect party in the summer? It would be a complete disaster if anything were to spoil that party. Standing water is not only a problem for your garage, it can prove to be a big problem in your garden too. Standing water can damage the furniture you have outside, which could ultimately result in expensive damage.


It’s not just the prospect of flooding which can destroy the perfect home. Ideally you would have the huge swimming pool to complement your luxury surroundings. Safety around the pool is something which needs to be taken seriously. There is nothing worse than inviting all your friends and family over for a party only to be left with a large amount of standing water making for a slippery surface around the pool – potentially causing accidents to happen.


There is a simple solution for all your problems. There are lots of stylish, discreet channel drains companies who can solve your drainage needs. Whether protecting your house and garden area from any standing water or ensuring you cars are protected from any potential flooding, there are a number of quality products out there on the market which will match your needs and look great wherever they are.


Written by homes and drains expert, Aquabocci Australia.

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