Easy Repairs to Make When Getting a Home Ready to Sell

Are you being relocated for work or choosing to start a new life in a completely different area of the world? If you own your home, then you will likely want to sell it.

Getting a home ready to sell can become a costly and time-consuming project. Unfortunately, not all repairs or updates will give you a return on your investment.

We’re going to take a look at what tasks need to be completed before listing your house as well as which ones you can choose to skip.

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Update Lighting Fixtures

Old lighting fixtures that don’t brighten the room and show the age of your home need to be replaced. Fixtures will show their age by dated color schemes or by their materials (think glass panes and gold accents).

Even if the fixture isn’t incredibly old, consider replacing the bulb with one more lumens to add more light to dark spaces.

While on the subject of lighting, be sure to remove heavy drapes to allow for the maximum amount of natural light to shine into the room. This makes even the smallest spaces look larger and far more attractive to potential buyers.

Repair Dents & Repaint

An easy way to make your home attractive to potential buyers is a fresh paint job. If you’ve recently repainted several rooms in your home, you may not need a new coat but simply to wipe down your walls to remove smudges and dust.

Should a new coat of paint be required, you will need to repair any dings or dents and patch any holes from hanging art, photos, or mounted TVs. After your patchwork is complete, you will need to wipe the walls from ceiling to floor to ensure a smooth application.

As far as your color choices, opt for neutral colors. Although you may prefer brighter colors and accent walls, buyers can have a difficult time picturing themselves in the home.

You don’t need to repaint every single room, either. Choosing to paint high-traffic areas and rooms that leave major impressions is an alternative to repainting your entire home. These rooms include the entryways, kitchen, living room, and possibly the master bed and bathroom.

Replace Plumbing Fixtures

There is no need to replace your toilet unless it is broken or completely unusable. The plumbing fixtures we are referring to are shower heads, faucets, and drains.

Generally, these fixtures won’t be overly expensive and you can likely install them yourself with the help of online videos. Choosing to replace these items in the master bathroom is often all that is needed.

If your guest bathroom or half-bath show signs heavy use, the faucets and drains may also need to be replaced as well. Additionally, choosing to upgrade and update your kitchen faucet is an inexpensive but positive attribute for many buyers.

Remove Old Carpet

Choosing to remove old, stained carpet and replace it with tile, laminate, or hardwood flooring will get expensive quickly. However, many buyers are searching for homes that have no carpet.

This leaves an interesting dilemma.

Sinking too much money into flooring will eat away at any potential profit, but updated floors will help your home sell quickly.

Instead of trying to replace carpet with other types of flooring, consider opting for stained or polished concrete. This can easily become a weekend project and add value to your home.

Kitchens Sell the Home

When your home is in dire need of updating and renovations but you do not have time or funds to complete the whole house, focus on the kitchen.

The kitchen is often the gathering place, where food is cooked and consumed, and generally considered the ‘heart of the home.’ As mentioned, you can update the faucet on your kitchen sink, but there are a few other updates to consider.

There are many options for nice-looking countertops and inexpensive kitchen sinks that you can install within a day. Also, if your appliances are white, consider replacing one of them with a stainless steel option.

If you don’t plan to replace all of your appliances at your new home, replace the dishwasher. However, if you know you are upgrading to stainless when you move, purchase a stainless steel fridge. Having that one stainless appliance will allow potential buyers to see how those upgrades look.

Getting a Home Ready to Sell: You Won’t Please Everyone

The idea behind each of these ideas is to limit the amount of money you pour into the home you’re trying to sell. While these updates and repairs are nice, not everyone has the same tastes and what appeals to one person won’t always appeal to the next.

If you are on a limited time-frame or simply do not wish to take on any of these projects, there are companies that will buy your home as-is. Fast Cash for New York Homes will purchase your house at a fair price which allows you to focus on beginning your new journey.

Bonus Tip: Clean it!

You may choose to list your home as ‘for sale by owner,’ through a realtor, or opt to sell to a home buying company. Whichever choice you make, the best tip to remember when getting a home ready to sell is to keep it clean!

A clean, depersonalized home is far easier to sell than one that is dusty, dirty, and full of personal photos and knick-knacks. It gives the perception of a well-maintained home which often means better offers.

Additionally, a lack of personal items allows potential buyers to see themselves living in the space with their furniture, art, and color schemes!

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