Effective Ways to Achieve Pregnancy

Are you experiencing difficulties conceiving? It might be because you are having problems with your fertility. However, thanks to technology, you can realize your dreams of becoming a mother. The fertility specialists at New York Fertility Institute are highly skilled at overcoming fertility roadblocks, thus being your appropriate partner for New York City IVF. You can learn more about this advanced procedure by scheduling an appointment with their compassionate team.

What is IVF?

In-Vitro Fertilization is a safe and effective reproductive technique that boosts your chances of getting pregnant. IVF procedure joins sperm with an egg outside the body to produce an embryo. After this, the fertility specialists then implant this embryo into your uterus. At the New York Fertility Institute, you can receive a wide range of IVF procedures such as;

Conventional IVF

In this type of IVF treatment, you will receive initial treatment with daily injectables to enhance the production of many eggs for retrieval.

Needle-free IVF

Here, your practitioner prescribes oral and nasal medications to stimulate egg production. Saliva and urine samples are used for all hormone testing.

Natural IVF and Mini IVF

In these types of IVF procedures, there are little or no medications used before your eggs are retrieved. This facilitates the extraction of the best quality eggs.

You may also find advanced IVF treatments at the New York Fertility Institute, such as preimplantation genetic testing, assisted hatching, and blastocyst transfer procedures.

What Should I Expect During IVF Treatments?

In an IVF treatment procedure, you will undergo several steps before the process of Fertilization. Your service provider offers appropriate medications to stimulate ovulation before egg retrieval. The procedure of retrieving is a minimally invasive, in-office procedure whereby your specialist extracts almost twenty eggs. You may also use donor eggs or previously frozen eggs if you please.

During the treatment, a sample sperm from your male donor or partner is prepared by separating semen from other fluids. When the egg and sperm are ready for fertilization, your dedicated expert uses a micro-thin pipette to inject a single sperm into the extracted eggs.

What Takes Place After Fertilization?

Hours after Fertilization, an embryologist examines the eggs under a microscope to ascertain that the sperm effectively penetrates the egg. Later, the embryos may either be frozen or allowed to continue dividing as they prepare to be implanted into the uterus.

Varied additional options are available during the cell division process according to your needs, including assisted hatching. This routine entails breaking the embryo’s outer layer to help it attach to the endometrial lining. In other cases, the fertilized eggs might be allowed to continue dividing for close to six days, then advanced to the blastocyst or embryo.

Your fertility specialist at the New York Fertility Institute listens to your goals and educates you on what you can expect during treatment before your IVF procedure begins.

Having a baby of your own is a dream come true. To understand more about this safe procedure that can increase your chances of having a child, call or contact the New York Fertility Institute for a top-class IVF treatment.

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