Entry Doors Make an Impression

Having a comfortable, stylish house depends on a myriad of details: from the color of the walls to the type of illumination that is installed, there are many elements that need to come together in a harmonious way to create a place that you can call home.

The doors you choose to put in your house evidently will play an important part in this, too. A house with unpractical or damaged doors will become irritating due to the small but repetitive problems that arise from their use, as they are a very basic part of everyday life. Therefore, giving thought to this aspect is always in your best interests.

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After all, doors allow you to safeguard your house, to separate different living areas, to have your own privacy, and, last but not least, to add a stylish focal point to various spaces. Of course, they have to be adapted to the uses of said space, so your parameters and options to choose a front door will be pretty different than, say, what they would be if you were looking for a patio door.

In a way, finding a good front door is one of the most challenging searches: it will be a statement to anybody that passes by, one of the first impressions somebody can get of your house. Given this, it’s essential that the door you select truly complements your house’s architectural style. Evidently, it’s also important to consider that it has to be very resistant to external factors such as weather conditions, noise, temperature and others.

Nowadays there are three basic types of front doors to choose from: wood, fiberglass and steel. Wooden doors are the most traditional ones and a classically elegant option (although they require more constant maintenance). Fiberglass doors are a good compromise if you prefer a low-maintenance door, as they appear to be made of wood but are impervious to the weather. Steel doors are a tough, energy-efficient choice that can stand the most extreme conditions, and they are well-suited for an urban, contemporary environment.

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Regarding patio doors, they are a part of a transition space between your home and the exterior, so they also become a focal point in the area they are placed. There are different panel configurations available, with a fixed panel at each side, with no fixed panels, or with custom sidelites. You can also decide to have a basically unobstructed view of the outside or you can add a stylized grille to the panels.

Their nature varies from that of front doors because there’s a considerable difference in terms of materials and insulation options: although all patio doors are made of glass, you can ask for double or triple-paned panels in it (preferably with a gas fill) for insulation, and Low-E coverings will also be an option to consider.

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