Essential Cookware for Your Home

Whether you love a large kitchen with a ton of tools or a minimalist kitchen like this one, you are probably aware that you use some tools more than the others. Some cookware is simply more versatile, and it’s used by the best chefs in the world and the ones that are just starting out alike.

Now, most cooks will tell you about their own list of essentials. However, this often depends on the recipes they make and how skilled they are at cooking. You probably have your own list of essentials too.

But the truth is, you can make most recipes with these 5 cookware tools.

A Skillet or a Frying Pan

Every kitchen needs one or two of these to make simple meals. You’re likely using this one the most as well. However, we are often the harshest to these beloved kitchen tools. We put them on high heat, we use hot oil on them, scrub them like crazy and even subject them to extreme temperature changes.

So, you need a good frying pan. It needs to be able to survive all of these conditions with flying colors. It might require a bit of an investment at the start, but it will pay off.

When you find the right skillet, cooking will be a joy.

If you are wondering which one to get, most experts would recommend clad stainless frying pans. Of course, you can read this guide to learn which types of frying pans are the best for you:

A Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are fun cookware pieces that you’ll likely get as a part of a set and you’ll use often for gatherings or larger meals.

These are used mostly for cooking inside of the oven, using heat and hot oil. However, you can also use it as a pan for anything and everything. For example, you can make soups and similar meals.

You can even serve meals straight from it, which makes it super fun and easy to use. As you’ll probably use it often, it’s one of the most important tools in your kitchen.

Sauce Pan

This is another one of the essential tools in your kitchen, especially for wet heat cooking. Basically, it can do similar things to a Dutch oven – or rather, a Dutch oven does similar things to saucepan. You can make many different meals like soups, sauces and much more.

One of the most important elements of a saucepan is its durability. It should also have a simple design with straight sides. While curved sides look good, food sticks in there and it’s harder to get it out. The lid should fit tightly, and handles have to be safely attached.

This cookware item will be one of the favorites in your home, especially if you have a big family – it’s the kind of dinnerware & cookware for making traditions, and that’s the best kind of cookware.

Roasting or Baking Pan

A roasting pan is used, well, for roasting meat. This is a simple tool that cooks meat so that the meat is exposed to the heat of the oven. Of course, you could use a Dutch oven without a lid, but the high sides might make it harder for you to brown the sides of the meat.

You could also try with a frying pan but it’s difficult because of the size of it. You see, most meat cuts will be larger than the average size of your skillet. And the handle might not be suitable for the oven either.

It needs to be strong, big and easy to clean. A nice addition is to have a roasting rack.

Sheet Pans

Sheet pans are also known as baking sheets and they are a crucial item in every kitchen. It doesn’t matter what diet you are on then these will work for you. You’ll probably use them a lot too. They are easy to clean, small so their storage is not a problem and you can make quick and easy meals in there.

You can make cookies, pizza, vegetables, for catching dripping from other food, for heating up food and so on.

Other Useful Tools

Of course, these are not the only tools you’ll need. In addition to that, you will need some good knives, a cutting board, a spatula, some other basic utensils and so on. However, that’s a staple in every kitchen.

You could also benefit from other cookware like non-stick pan, but it’s not necessary. You would probably like having a wok and a deep sauté pan on you, but only on some occasions and depending on what your cooking style is like.

In the end, the kitchen essentials are up to you. And whether you get a set or each piece individually, you will enjoy cooking at home.

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